CardiaC – Mañana No Será Otro Día Igual

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Julien – Electric & acoustic guitar
Mariano – Electric guitar
Ricardo – Voice & screams
Bastien – Drums
Cedric – Bass
Joelle – Cello
Fabien – Acoustic guitar
Quentin- Bass
Cesar- Harmonica


1. La Vanguardia
2. Diapositivas Y Negativos
3. La Resurreccion Del Antiheroe
4. Imparable
5. M.O.J.I.T.O
6. Al Filo De Lo Imposible
7. En L.A. De Me Decian
8. Nadie Nace Odiando
9. Una Vida Extraordinaria


When putting this record on, the seventh by this veteran Swiss band, I was a bit sceptical of the sound as it was described as ‘Hardcore’, a term and genre I’ve come to lose a lot of interest in over the years – however, I was proved wrong.

‘Mañana No Será Otro Día Igual’ by Swiss group CardiaC, offers a light of hope for the ex-punks like me who’ve become deluded with the Hardcore scene in recent years because it combines raw lo-fi punk rock drums with rich shredding you’d find on many a good crossover record.

Imagine how Black Flag and Integrity would have sounded, had they teamed up in South America and made a record in the local language reflecting the hardships of life there, particularly on the streets.

Once I’d got to the middle of the album I felt I’d discovered the Spanish answer to Municipal Waste, and that was what sold me as a good quirk for this group: they are a Swiss band who sing in Spanish, which gives the tunes a Latino feel as their press release explained.

Due to my very poor grasp of Spanish I was unable to deduce whether this was a political band – as I like my hardcore bands to be – or just another crossover band who love a good shout above the noise of city life to tell the world how to party.

Well, this was definitely a party to which everyone was invited – if you can stomach this sort of music.

‘Mañana No Será Otro Día Igual’ is a tour de force of Hardcore Punk genres with no irritating breakdowns or proto-rapping that bores the hell out of people like me.

Give these Swiss blokes a whirl on your turntables and you won’t come away disappointed. They are veterans of their scene and deserve the recognition this album gets along with all the success they’ve amassed so far.

Review by Demitri Levantis