Rating: 3/5
Released: 2018
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Band Line-up

Gabriel Neale – Guitars , bass & backing vocals
Hannah Neale – Vocals
guest musicians
Celso Alves- Clean vocals
David Cooney – Harsh vocals & chants
Eugen Dodenhoeft – Clean vocals & guitar
Kim Cook – Clean vocals
Spencer Lee – Drums
Adam Walker – Drums (Home)
Lydia Smith – Violin
Tom Owen – Violin
Jamie Dalton – Trombone & Sackbut
Andrea Dalton- Piano
Stacey Powers – Flute & Piccolo
Amy Coote – French Horn


1. Uproot
2. Chariots of Elysium
3. March of the Risen Dead
4. Mortality
5. Eagle’s Wings
6. Though a Thousand Fall
7. Evanescent
8. Home
9. Winter’s Dance


Pslams of the Risen Dead by UK Symphonic Metal band Ecthirion is quite the ambitious album. In their second studio release and first full length album they definitely put the symphonic into the metal. Many classical and folk elements are combined with heavy riffs, drums, and growling metal vocals. Gabriel and Hannah Neale along with 13 guest musicians including 5 guest vocalists. According to Ecthirion Psalms of the Risen Dead is an experimentation of combining symphonic, classical, tech, prog and extreme metal. It is indeed quite a mash up of genres. They are also in fact a Christian band and the album’s themes cover personal struggle, tragedy, death and spiritual themes.

The album is beautifully composed and the classical elements surprisingly work well together in this album. Though its really nothing all that new. They are much like Symphony X, Dream Theater, Nightwish, today’s Dimmu Borgir and other symphonic metal bands that have incorporated classical and orchestral music. At times the play in tandem with each other and at times are together in full force. The classical and symphonic elements were well balanced with the heavier sounds. I was not impressed with the male vocals of the first song Uproot. I just did not feel they worked well. Though once the female vocals came in it was not so bad. Though to my relief the next song’s vocals both harsh and clean were much more pleasant the clean vocals were very elegant, beautiful and melodic. As for the lyrical content and themes of the album and songs well christian metal does nothing for me. It’s hard to set aside my feelings and beliefs on religion so I could not fully enjoy this album. The harsh vocals and clean female vocals worked nicely together. Again nothing all too new as Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and other metal bands have covered this ground before. The various styles including a little bit of eastern folk. Some songs are short under 2 minutes and a couple were longer around 7 to 10 minutes.

They certainly packed a lot into this album. It is a high quality production thats been superbly mastered. They offer the scores and tabs on their website for anyone who wishes to learn to play the instrumentals. There is an accompanying 11 page booklet with graphic artwork and lyrics for each song as well as information on the album and all involved in its production. The booklet has the kind of artwork one can expect for Christian themed music. Lions, horses, nature, scenes of ancient architecture both gothic and middle eastern are rendered in an illustrative and rich quality for each page. There are also bible verses scattered throughout relating to the songs.

So if you are someone who is spiritual and enjoys metal then this album will probably be something you can really enjoy. Even if you are not spiritual and appreciate symphonic metal then you may be able to get into this anyways. I have darker and more extreme tastes for metal personally. I gave it a fair couple listens but I am not really into it. So I will be giving this a 3 out of 5. I give them a lot of credit for putting together such a massive project and musically it works but I am not into christian metal.