RAVENFACE release their stunning with new album ‘Breathe Again’ and announce next single

“Quite how good this album is becoming apparent, I left it alongside the contenders for my top five of the year and it didn’t seem out of place!” – Powerplay Magazine

RAVENFACE release their stunning with new album ‘Breathe Again’ which shot in at number 2 in the iTunes Metal Charts this morning, just behind Architects’ latest offering. Considering the band have just returned from a five year hiatus, it is apparent that their fans are still very much there in their thousands and their new material is, as promised, their best to date.With reviews from Metal HammerPROG and Fireworks magazines still to come, the reception of ‘Breathe Again’ online has been overwhelming for the quintet. Kerrang Radio’Alex Baker being another huge fan of the band, already airing three tracks from the new release on his show. The last being the exclusive ‘first listen’ airplay of the band’s next single release ‘Colder’.

“Certainly one of the more somber, reflective tracks on the album. I wanted to move away do the angsty, angry lyrics that used to define our older music and really use songs like these as a way to open up about some more adult and personal things that I think effect everyone to some degree or another. This one in particular is about how we close ourselves off emotionally after repeated exposure to bad or negative things in our life. Although I try and underscore that with some uplifting themes too. We don’t have to be defined by the worst things we’ve experienced, more so we can learn from them and grow. Ultimately they make you a better person in the end.”

– RAVENFACE frontman James Denton.

With the music video for ‘Colder’ still to drop in a few weeks time, it would seem RAVENFACE are seeing out 2018 in style, running towards 2019 with full throttle!

‘Breathe Again’ track listing:
1) Breathe Again
2) Gasoline
3) Tyrants and Kings
4) Colder
5) In Time, In Sight
6) Fighters
7) Tastes Like Misery
8) Light In The Dark
9) The Line

‘Breathe Again’ is out now.
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James Denton – Vocals
Leah Woodward – Guitars
Jack Ormond Prout – Vocals & Guitars
Adam Dowd – Bass
Cameron Spence – Drums
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ravenfaceuk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RavenFace_Band
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ravenface_official