The Mon – Doppelleben

Rating: 2/5
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Released: 2018
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1. Hedy Lamarr
2. Salvator Mundi
3. Hate One I Hate
4. Blut
5. Relics
6. Soulloop
7. Her
8. Doppelleben


‘The Mon’ is the name of a solo project by Urlo, also the lead vocalist, bassist and keyboardist of the trio ‘Ufomammut’. His latest album ‘Doppelleben’ was released through Supernatural Cat on 8th November. His music is intimate, introspective and highly personal. The main aim of the project according to Urlo, is ‘to reach the boundaries of a spiritual soundscape in which the music becomes purification and atonement, a way to bring out to the world inside my soul’.

As adventurous as this music may try to be, unfortunately it is rather amateurish. The harmonies and melodies are often very bland and could be composed by your every day teenager, and the production sounds like it came from a relatively unskilled person working with the easily available music program, Logic. Sometimes great production can save very basic music, but again, that wasn’t the case, here, especially as it’s so rushed even the drums were never made to be fully in time in some places. The material isn’t terrible, at times it does have a certain hypnotic feel to it but the fact it could have been composed in a few days is quite off-putting. There are far better ways to be hypnotised.

The vocals when they are heard, are rather moody in a Nine Inch Nails kind of way and they certainly make the music far more interesting. It may make you wonder why singing doesn’t feature in all tracks because the way the music is at the moment, it’s empty and needs far more ideas in it. On some occasions riffs are worthy of being repeated many times, especially in the doomy song ‘Relics’, but for the most part they are easily forgotten.

In conclusion, this is generally not good ambient music and it’s not good industrial music either. If you love NIN and you’re looking for a band similar to them to enjoy, I wouldn’t recommend looking here. Some parts are better than others, indeed certain tracks could genuinely be used in some kind of creepy sci-fi film but everything seems rushed and the material is dying for someone qualified to sort everything out. But don’t take my word for it, listen to one of The Mon’s tracks, below…

Review by Simon Wiedemann