Der Rote Milan – Moritat

Rating: 3/5
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Released: 2019
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I : Guitars
II: Guitars
III: Vocals
IV: Drums
V: Bass
VI: Ghost


1. Die Habsucht
2. Drohende Schatten
3. Gnosis der Vergänglichkeit
4. Der letzte Galgen
5. Der Findling
6. Moritat


Der Rote Milan are a German black metal band on the Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork label. Their upcoming album, ‘Moritat’, which will be released on 1 February 2019, tells local tales during the 1600s that are based on fact. One of the lead characters of them is Schinderhannes, an outlaw who is thought of being a kind of German Robin Hood. These stories which are based in southwestern Germany’s Hunsruck region, are linked to modern times through themes of freedom, fear and fighting oneself in the face of death.

Say what you want about most black metal bands sounding similar and often more or less exactly the same even, out of all the metal subgenres, BM has some of the most interesting if not crazy harmony. Things are no different here, in fact with these guys things are even more creative. Ok the singer has no original traits whatsoever, but next to no BM vocalists do, so let’s move on from that fact. So, the first song of the album ‘Die Habsucht’ has a clean intro guitar part that could belong on a Deftones album. Let me put that another way: It’s rather weird. Not all the chord progressions are so eerily and darkly emotional, far from it, but they are certainly colourful and innovative.

The harmony frequently has more a sombre and longing effect at times, as well as pure evil and the way contrasting feelings get jumbled up is intriguing. The limited, truly sinister moments are worth waiting for and that only makes them more powerful. However, from a melodic point of view, don’t expect too much from the guitars and certainly not the singer. Don’t expect prog level creativity from the drums either, you will most likely know what they play… Blast beats! To be fair, it’s not all monotonous insanity with the percussionist, he does play plenty of good fills that should keep you entertained.

In conclusion, this is another black metal band. What more is there to say? Not too much, other than it is a little above average in certain areas. It’s never really great, but come on; Deftones ideas mixed with wickedness? As limited as they are, they are worth checking out. If only the singer sung like Chino Moreno in places, that would be a totally winning fusion of genres, but it wasn’t to be. Get this album if you’re into BM, sure, but it’s not a classic.

Review by Simon Wiedemann