KENOSIS – Consecrationem

Rating: 2.5/5
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Released: 2018
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E.S. Tsel


1. Solifugae
2. Abraham’s Dagger
3. Katharsis
4. With Open Veins


Kenosis are a black metal band from the Netherlands, who are on Prosthetic Records. The meaning of the group’s name is ‘the self emptying (of one’s own will) in order to receive God and the Divine Will’. Indeed, the band’s goal is to further develop personal levels of spirituality by purging themselves of all human traits; by becoming empty, they become akin to the idea of divinity. They have released their latest EP ‘Consecrationem’ on 30 November, 2018 on vinyl and digital formats, and their first full length album will be available in 2019.

Wow, is this some minimalistic music or what? It certainly fits the theme of emptiness and monotony. Is it fun to listen to, though? It’s fine for a while as the ideas that are used are pretty good, but many will lose interest after the two-minute mark or so. After that, only the hardcore will be left listening; perhaps the catatonic, who have lives just as painfully dull (it could be interpreted) as Kenosis’s material and consequently who don’t care about having a good time. A lot of Burzum’s music is highly minimal, but with that one man band, at least the musician knows when enough is enough and when to change themes. Again, with Consecrationem, your endurance will be tested.

Other than in terms of structure, however, this is pretty standard BM. It’s consistently evil, filled with blast beats, tremolo picking and screams. The kind you may have heard literally hundreds of times before. In particular, it’s quite like Gorgoroth in mood and in fact Kenosis’s track ‘With Open Veins’ has a riff in it rather similar to Gorg’s ‘White Seed’. In the band’s defence, at least their two guitarists often play independent lines. They keep the listener’s attention for at least a little while.

In conclusion, the band seem to have gone for a sound that tries to make one enter a dark dreamlike state, but instead have come up with material that is ever so slightly torturous. At least for me. On the other hand, BM fans on the whole aren’t exactly known for their fun loving nature, so this stuff could be right up their street. Just be warned, that’s all I’m saying. What is probably the music’s greatest weakness however, is its lack of innovation. Give it a try, but I’d be surprised if you love it.

Review by Simon Wiedemann