Skeletonwitch, Mantar and Deathrite @ The Dome

I’d like to start this off with an apology, for I was unable to attend Skeletonwitch’s show in Tufnell Park, London this month due to personal reasons. However I have prepared this small feature of all three bands who appeared that night and, from what I hear through the grapevine, made it a memorable evening.

Our photographer, Miguel did manage to make it down and take a few shots of the shindig.

First of all, Deathrite: the German grindcore and death metal outfit from Dresden are onto their fourth album: ‘Nightmare Reign’; you can hear and purchase their tunes through their Bandcamp page.


They have been assisting Skeletonwitch’s reign of terror on this tour all the way through their homeland and neighbouring states: Austria, Sweden, France and Switzerland.

With a powerful blend of anger and old school ferocity, Deathrite make fun out of the harder, darker side of things.


Secondly, it seems I wasn’t alone in missing this show due to ill health. Mantar’s vocalist Hanno was unwell for this gig so it almost completely jeopardised their appearance alongside the American headliners.

Though out of sheer respect and in order to keep the fans from missing out completely, Skeletonwitch’s vocalist Adam Clemans stood in and gave it his best shot.

You can watch the footage on Skeletonwitch’s Facebook page.


Mantar’s sludge metal rage wasn’t completely put to sleep after all and I wish Hanno a speedy recovery.

Finally, we turn to the headliners. Fifteen years on the road and six studio albums have boded well for Skeletonwitch. By mixing Black and Death Metal with memorable NWOBHM style melodies, they’ve composed extrmemely catchy tunes about putrid suffering and death that has helped attract more and more eager followers to the worlds of Blackened metal.

From my own experiences, they have gotten better and better as time’s passed, and you can read what I made of their latest album ‘Devouring Radiant Light’, here on IV.

By reading the feedback from fans on Facebook, it looks like Skeletonwitch are still leaving quite an impression on Europe by how much they have impressed people far and wide.

Keep up the good work Skeletonwitch and won’t miss out on you next time.



Best of luck with the remainder of the tour to the rest of the lineup as well.