3rd May – 5th May 2019 @ Camden, London UK

Over the past seven years of Desertfest, we’ve had a lot of incredible memories of otherworldly performances from many of the notable bands this humble scene has to offer. Today, we finally cross another huge name off our bucket list as we reveal the kings of the road, Fu Manchu, will headline Roundhouse Sunday at Desertfest 2019. Not only that, but we can also reveal that joining them on Sunday, May 5th’s mammoth Roundhouse Stage are the previously announced All Them Witches, Witch, Earthless and Colour Haze.

Southern California’s boogie-rocking titans were born out of the hardcore punk scene of ’85 as Virulence, but quickly switched up their super-speed, underground angst for more of a drawlin’, skateboard rampin’, hard-rockin’ vibe and so Fu Manchu was born. Throughout the next thirty years or so they’d come to be known to many as the AC/DC of the now global desert rock scene: always consistent, always on trend, always ready to rock; any time, any venue, anywhere.

In their stable post-2002 foursome of mainstay frontman Scott Hill, Bob Balch on lead guitar, Brad Davis on bass and Scott Reeder (no, not that one, the other one) on drums, Fu Manchu have become the perfect blend of style, guile, rough, smooth and un-mastered groove and frankly, they’ve never sounded better on stage than they do today. Recently Fu Manchu have gone through a phase of touring full albums in their entirety, and from the rising asphalt of In Search Of…, to the laserblastin’ The Action Is Go and right through the true hell on wheels that is King On The Road and beyond, we’ve all got a favourite Fu Manchu moment. If not, then there’s never been a better time to get familiar with the hardest-rockin’, hotdoggin’ back catalogue in history.

Fu frontman Scott Hill is clearly as excited as we are for the boogie van to roll into town:

“We’re so stoked to be a part of Desertfest and to play the legendary Roundhouse in London. It’s hard to believe that we will be playing the same spot as some of our heroes like Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, Ramones and Motörhead.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Joining them on what we believe is our biggest Roundhouse stage yet on Sunday, May 5th are four must-see masters of the underground who have already been announced for Desertfest 2019. All Them Witches bring an approach to the modern wave of bluesy psychedelia that is all their own, hot off the heels of their recently released and truly impeccable ATW. After releasing a few of the noughties’ most badass albums, Witch returns from their slumber to provide a doomed out kind of psych to the Sunday. Riffs for days are guaranteed when Earthless show up; with an ultimate jam band approach which both rips and shreds, faces will melt into a gooey pile of mush. Last but not least, European underground heroes Colour Haze will open up the Roundhouse with their scene-defining slice of heavy psych.

We couldn’t ask for a better way to round out what we’re sure will be a killer Desertfest 2019 than this lineup at The Roundhouse. Be sure not to miss out, book your tickets today.