CommonWealth – Everyone Around Me

Rating: 4/5
Released: January 2019
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Band line-up:

Vocals – Tyler St. Clair
Guitar – Brett Chiodo
Drums – Bryce Evenson
Bass – Richard Friedrich



1. Fear 3:05
2. Lost 2:52
3. Runaway 3:51
4. Happy 2:57
5. Fathers 3:31
6. Taxi 2:45
7. Neglect 3:16
8. Vinyl 3:43
9. Reckless 3:07
10. Wilt 4:18
11. Unbalanced 4:18


CommonWealth is an entirely new band hailing from Orange County in California. They describe themselves as “honest music for the worn out soul”, and I can honestly say that I feel this is a fitting description. The band with its alternative rock is actually a very pleasant easy listening album right from the start. I would say that whilst they are alternative rock, there are subtle hints of pop punk in each song which I think has given it its relaxed summer charts vibe.

To me, the band come across as a softer version of A Day To Remember. Which is not a bad thing by any means. I really enjoy A Day To Remember and their softer songs always go down really well with their audience – so there is already a market for this type of music.

The singer has an incredibly husky voice at times. When he sings softly, it’s silky and relaxing, and when he puts all the effort into his voice it’s still just as enjoyable. It almost reaches a shouting/screamo level but it never gets there and he’s found a comfortable tone for himself that doesn’t sound like there is a strain on him or any damage being done to his vocal cords.

Musically, there is simultaneously a lot going on and also not a lot. The noise this quartet is able to provide is staggering at times and I’m unsure how they’re able to do it. Their use of distortion is clever and the change in tempo in each song always brings you up and down at the right moments.

The bands best tracks, however, lay within the last three tracks in the album. The other tracks have been a little poppy or relaxed at times but these tracks are booming with emotion and something changes at this point in the album which made it thoroughly enjoyable. Reckless seems to talk about the struggles of addiction and trying to hide it and being caught. Wilt starts off slowly and feels like the telling of a ghost story. My interpretation is that the singer is talking about the ghost of a person they lost 10 months prior and how much he not only misses them but how there is a struggle to let go. Unbalanced resonates with me the most I feel. To me, it feels like the struggle you have with depression. Who were you before it? All the pills you take to make you feel happy, the feeling that it’s your fault you’re in that position. It’s a sad song and yet the emotion is raw and at the same time distant, just how depression feels in reality.

To sum up the last three songs on the album would be almost pointless to me. I feel as though everyone will resonate differently with them but my experience was something calm and relaxing.

Overall this band is bringing something slightly new and refreshing to such an old scene and I’ll enjoy seeing what else they have to bring to the table in the future.

Review by

Courtney Solloway