Indian Progressive/ Mathcore quartet ORCHID release their guitar playthrough for the track, ‘Zero- Sum Game’ via Rolling Stone (India).

The band is now officially premiering the playthrough of the track- ‘Zero- Sum Game’ from the upcoming album titled- ‘Miasma’. The album is scheduled to release on January 10, 2019 worldwide and is a self-release.

Speaking about the track, guitarist Vinay Prasad states,

This song was a tricky one to execute because of the angular guitar lines that jump across the strings in a seemingly haphazard manner, especially in the first couple of riffs. Though it is one of the more technical tracks on the album, in no aspect does it lack groove or feel, albeit the feel is inherently quite dark. It captures to a great extent the entire sonic range/environment of the album right from a very heavy start into a groovy, laid-back outro that will make you wonder if you’re still listening to the same song. Like any other Orchid song, this one has got its fair share of twists and turns in tempo, experimenting with a couple of different moods through its duration. The playthrough will interest especially guitar players who are into groovy yet dissonant sounds.

ORCHID- Miasma (Track list)
1. Obsolescence
2. Solipsist
3. Master Supreme
4. Dead End
5. Identoid
6. Sugar Pill
7. Zero-Sum Game
8. Disassembly Line

Vinay: Guitars
Rahil: Bass
Kaushal: Vocals, lyrics
Mayur: Drums, percussion

Zero-Sum Game: