Blot & Bod – Ligaeder

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: 2017
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Band line-up:

Jolle Bolle – Bass, vocals
Erik Bagger Hviid – Drums, vocals
Jesper Baggar Hviid – Guitars, vocals


1. Kom I Hu
2. Ul
3. Auga
4. Blodstaenkte Fjer
5. Sindet Styrter
6. Mit Blodbad
7. Baer Ig
8. Velt Din Gud
9. Nar Ulven Glammer
10. Vaek Dode Maend
11. Ravne
12. Erindring


For every band in every genre who make a name for themselves and give the world of music a brand new name, there is a countless plethora of bands who try to follow in their hero’s footsteps and fail, sometimes miserably. In doing a job like this, you get sent plenty of bands who might sound like the next big thing, but when it comes to their material, it’s not quite the same story.

Danish band, Blot & Bod, are sadly one of these bands, for I thought they would have potential, fusing black metal with elements of punk, hardcore and crust at a nice lo-fi buzz sound, but it didn’t seem to offer anything of substance, unless substance to you is sounding like radio interference.

Buzzing and indecipherable shrieks are pretty much all their album, ‘Ligaeder’, contains, and this could be forgiven if the band were new to the scene or dirt poor, but I could tell from their crafty musicianship that this is a band who know their thing and have worked hard to produce what they want, but the outcome makes it feel like they were trying too hard to sound like their heroes in the early days.

This album reminded me of a lot of early demos by bands like Darkthrone and Mayhem, but those were crafted by young men with next to no money; this album is just a pile of fuzz which did not impress this critic at all. The only people I can see buying this album are narrow-minded elitists who call this ‘the true sound of black metal’.

For a band who describe themselves on their webpage as ‘true Scandinavian Ragnarök,’ they definitely sent my ears to Ragnarök, and not in a good way – so only buy this album if you want to hear low-quality screams.

Review by

Demitri Levantis