Corpsessed – Impetus Of The Dead

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/Label: Dark Descent Records
Released: 2018
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Band lineup:

Jussi-Pekka Manner – Drums
Jyri Lustig – Guitars
Mattia Mäkelä – Guitars/Backing vocals
Niko Matilainen – Vocals
Tuomas Kulmala – Bass


1. Impetus Of Death
2. Sortilege
3. Endless Plains Of Dust
4. Gravebourne
5. Paroxysmal
6. Forlorn Burial
7. Begetter Of Doom
8. Starless Event Horizon


2018 was a brutal year, but Corpsessed may have released the most brutal album of them all with ‘Impetus Of The Dead’. This one is an album that I have seen on many people’s top picks of 2018 lists and it came right towards the end no less. That tells you something about this album. It comes in late in the year and wipes the floor with most of what was a solid year for death metal releases, and it’s hard to argue with this.

It is the band’s sophomore album, coming four years after their debut full release in ‘Abysmal Thresholds’, which itself was quite the behemoth of an album. The band did a split with Solothus and Undergang in 2015 but it’s been three years since they have put out a release, so ‘Impetus Of Death’ really does come at a good time. The main contributor to the band, Matti Mäkelä, has a funeral doom project on the go too in Tyranny, which has kept him busy, but Corpsessed came back to the forefront and they teamed up with new bassist Tuomas Kulmala (Lie In Ruins and Perdition Winds) to get things in order once again.

I’m glad they did as well, as this album is one for the ages and continues on from where they left off. Corpsessed just have it all down and well formulated to a point where everything is very finely tuned to dramatic effect. The band really bring the horror back to death metal. The feeling of anxiety and tension permeates each track starting with the terrifying opening and title track of the album. Each one hits so hard too so it’s not just the atmosphere but the sheer weight of the crushing force of each track. Songs like ‘Sortilege’ and ‘Graveborne’ are simply phenomenal with all the key components that makes a Corpsessed song on display. Brutal flow with old school influences and a desolate feeling of abandonment are all compounded into several minutes of brutality.

‘Impetus Of Death’ is stomping, atmospheric and doomy but with this destructive flow which seems endless. A tsunami of death metal but one that you’d let flow over your village whilst headbanging as your house gets swept away, slowly getting churned into rubble. Corpsessed leave no survivors in their wake and end this year on a mammoth high. They’ve come out with a sheer titan of an album, so these bludgeoning Finnish death dealers better not think of finishing up anytime soon. We need more albums like this so 2019, I’m looking at you, what can you do to top this? I’m waiting…

Review By:

Pete Mutant