Sectorial – Vyr

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Noizr Productions
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Ivan ‘Burz’ Kozakevych – Vocals, folk instruments
Igor ‘Reich’ Kovalenko – Drums
Dmytro ‘Trit’ Vashchenko – Guitars
Boris ‘Cliff’ Krivous – Bass


1. The Observer
2. Exodus of the Winter
3. Above the Abyss
4. Sea vs Stone
5. Foggy Hill
6. Ordinary Talk
7. Millstone
8. Morning Gleam
9. The Last Tower Will Fall
10. A Thorn in the Hoof
11. From the Past, From the Childhood
12. Inhuman Ones


Experimenting is something every music genre is familiar with, and obscure or underground genres like grindcore are no exception. Over the 30 years of its existence, grind has produced plenty of experimental sub-genres by flirting with jazz, electro or swing music, so it was no surprise when I was given this Ukrainian band who fuse, arguably, the most extreme type of modern music with indigenous folk.

Sectorial have released their third album, ‘Vvr’, after nearly 20 years of existence and it was nothing short of a surprise to me when I turned it on and was blasted with very impressive grindcore that had the odd thrash metal style chords and speedy moments.

Going deeper into the album, the local instruments employed by the band make it something of a juxtaposition because you have an extremely loud and outspoken type of metal blaring one second, and then some soothing, ambient folk tunes the next. Imagine a campfire band who’ve brought along all the instruments and tuning used by classics like Napalm Death and Heresy to give a lively rendition of songs about current social problems.

By including several instrumental tracks that contain no guitars or metal drumming, I could tell this was an ambitious band who can play across the genres, so they are the most experimental and versatile band I’ve seen come out of Ukraine. It should be noted that no tracks on this album last a typical grindcore length, so Sectorial have quite a lot of stamina to play songs over 4/5 minutes in length at such speed.

Overall, if you’re someone who likes experimenting in music and has a thing for folk or even jazz music, I’d recommend this album. It is full of highs and lows in tempo, beat and pacing, so if you like things a little bipolar, give Sectorial a whirl.

Review by

Demitri Levantis