WRISTMEETRAZOR- Misery Never Forgets

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Prosthetic Records
Released: January 2019
Buy Album: https://store.prostheticrecords.com/item/65488
Band Websites: https://wristmeetrazor.bandcamp.com

Band line-up:

Jonah Thorne – Vocals & Guitars
Justin Fornof – Vocals & Bass
Bryan Prosser – Vocals & Percussion


1. Loathsome
2. In Line For Halos
3. Insecurity Checkpoint
4. Come On In, The Water’s Pink
5. Goodbye Sweet Betty
6. XOXO (Love Letter From A Loaded Gun)
7. He Smiled From Ear To Ear
8. Expiry Date: 12 Hours
9. No More Blue Tomorrows


I’ve never had a band make me feel so unsettled in my whole life. It’s a strange thing but I felt physically sick at times listening to this. I think because it’s so reminiscent of what screamo and metalcore was like in the 90s and 00s when I was a kid. Back then anything that was remotely scary, terrified me. A bit like how I’m still deathly afraid of clowns. If I see one I feel like I’m going to be sick.

I think the reason the music makes me feel this way is because of the first time I had ever watched a horror film. I was 12 and at a friends house and her mum had gone to bed and she decided it would be a good idea to watch Final Destination 3. I played it off that I totally loved horror films. I did not. Which is completely different from now, I adore a good horror film these days, but back then I was easily scared to death. The music that accompanied films like this and SAW in the 00s is exactly what WRISTMEETRAZOR is doing now. They have started the revival of metalcore and screamo roots and it’s a comeback like no other.

Now, some of these songs a brilliant. I was particularly a fan of Come On In, The Water’s Pink, but some of the tracks are pure noise. I think musically everything going on is chaotic – in the best of ways. However, in the first two tracks, for example, the excellence of the music is totally drowned out by the screamo. There is room for improvement as much as there are good elements, and I do feel like that lies in the screamo and, in some cases, knowing where less is more.

Each song is rather short, rarely passing more than 2 minutes on most tracks, but as I stated earlier each track is chaotic and it’s quite complex for a band of three, so it’s rather impressive. I think if you love metalcore and screamo of the 90s and 00s you’re going to love this band and its revival. I think it’s going to be a band where you either love it or you hate it, I don’t think there’s much wriggle room in there. However, minus the first two tracks for me, the rest of the album was good. It’s not a relaxing album by any means. It’s probably best as a “I’m pissed off and need to vent” album, or maybe it would make one excellent album to keep you awake on those long car journeys.

Review by

Courtney Solloway