A Swarm of the Sun – The Woods

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Version Studio Records
Released: 2019
Buy Album: https://versionstudio.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/aswarmofthesun

Band line-up:

Jakob Berglund – Vocals
Erik Nilsson – Guitars and piano

Also with:

Anders Carlström – Bass
Karl Daniel Lidén – Drums
Minna Heimo – Pipe organ
Samuel Lundström – Viola

  1. Blackout
  2. The Woods
  3. An Heir to the Throne

A Swarm of the Sun is the Swedish duo Jakob Berglund and Erik Nilsson, and The Woods is released on Erik’s label Version Studio Records. Their fourth album consists of three 13-minute pieces.

So here is an album that is mostly instrumental, with limited vocals and very long songs…very long. The songs just seem to go on and on forever and really don’t do much for me, except become great background noise I guess. Some parts of the music remind me of shoegaze from the 90s, some are kind of prog rock, some post-rock, all of it is mostly minimalist, and I will never listen to this again. I really tried to get into this, but nothing about it grabbed me; I mean the production was done well and the playing and vocals were good, but it just seemed to go nowhere for me.

If you liked their earlier albums, take a listen and see what you think, but if you are looking for an album to get excited about, I really can’t give this a higher ranking.

Review by:

Rick Ecker