Indesiderium – Of Twilight and Evenfall…

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Mattias Snyder – Drums, percussion

Atrum Abbas – Guitars, vocals


1. Ascending the Serpent Throne
2. Upon the Shores of Acheron
3. Fallen into Shadow
4. The Conqueror’s Return
5. Lightless Star: Transcending the Chasm
6. Wrathcrown: One Final Victory
7. The Knell and the World (Dawn cover)


Indesiderium are a black metal band from Los Angeles, California. They were formed in 2012 and released their first full length album ‘Wander of the Abyssal Plain’ in 2015. Last year, they released their follow up full length title ‘Of Twilight and Evenfall…’ through Satanath Records. If you want to get your hands on a physical copy of their material, only 500 CDs are available, so hurry up!

What to say about the music? Here’s something you probably don’t hear every day: The non-distracting keyboards that still shine through the mix, transform the evil sounding band from a typical one to a band that sounds epic and cool. What is perhaps more surprising (unless you know your old school stuff), the relatively cheap sounds of the keys really add to the atmosphere, as well. However, what mostly makes them stand out is the adventurousness of the wonderfully flowing chord choices, that have dark classical traits.

That’s not to say the guitars don’t have great parts, too. They’re not exactly unique, far from it, but the tasteful way they combine with the other instruments at least partly makes up for the frequent cliches. But cliches are what you probably expect. Have a read through a few reviews on this site, and you will come across many people complaining they hear the same things over and over with the genre. (Tremolo picking, blast beats, etc.)

In conclusion, if you can accept the flaws, you will have a treat for the ears. The music is well constructed, even a little sophisticated whilst maintaining its raw aggression and dark moodiness. It is recommended listening, but if you like your neo-classical vibes over hypnotic or just plain primitive ones, bands like Emperor will probably be better choices for you if you have none of their releases already.

Review by Simon Wiedemann