Pterodactyl Problems – Esoteric Hobbies

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Self released
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Davey White: guitar and vocals
Jack Neila: guitar
Ciarán Neely: guitar and bass
Oliver Salathiel: drums


1. Name Like a Thought
2. Protest
3. Alone in the Cold
4. Crazy
5. Heavy
6. Constellations
7. Lush Lives
8. Heroes Killers
9. Breathe
10. Exhale
11. Down the River
12. Slideshow
13. Pictures


This quartet from Toronto, Ontario, Canada has put out their thirteen song debut album of rocking punk-influenced pop music that is heavy, hard and lilting…yes, lilting. They started up back in 2012 and recently reunited in 2017.

Sounding at times like a more hard rocking/punky Barenaked Ladies; without the jokey songs that is, these guys really have a sound that I couldn’t get enough of. Starting out with a bunch of kick-ass songs, they really get the BNL vibe going on “Crazy”, which really is a great tune, and then they go a little slower and as mentioned before, begin lilting on “Heavy,” and “Constellations.” Those two songs give us a nice break so that “Lush Lives” can punch you in the face with the power and force that you were waiting for. The playing is fantastic on this album, lots of energy, emotion, and raw talent that really gave this album the extra push it needed to stand above the crowd.

A rip-roaring ride that gets into your ears and won’t let go. One of the better debut albums that I’ve heard in a long time and the best of the bunch of albums I’ve listened to in a while. Grab this one today!

Review by:

Rick Ecker