ABYSSIC set release date for new OSMOSE album, reveal first trailer – features members of Susperia

Today, Osmose Productions sets February 22nd as the international release date for Abyssic’s highly anticipated second album, High the Memory, on digipack CD and double-LP vinyl formats.

Abyssic is a unique symbiosis of atmospheric approaches in funeral death/doom, with black and prog influences. The signature is enhanced by orchestrations with Mellotron, Minimoog, and upright bass.

Abyssic is a result of a collaboration between Memnock (Susperia), Elvorn (Susperia), and André Aaslie (Funeral, Images At Twilight, Gromth, Profane Burial), and together with Asgeir Mickelson (ex-Borknagar, Ihsahn), they recorded the debut album A Winter’s Tale in February 2016 for Osmose Productions.

Later in 2016, Tjodalv (Susperia, ex-Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child) and Makhashanah (AKA Henriette Bordvik – Asagraum [live], ex-Sirenia) joined Abyssic, and together with Memnock, Elvorn, and Aaslie, they bring you the Abyssic darkness with album #2, High The Memory.

In the meantime, hear a special trailer for the album HERE at Osmose Productions‘ official YouTube channel. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Abyssic’s High the Memory

1. Adornation [8:12]

2. High The Memory [20:39]

3. Transition Consent [12:39]

4. Where My Pain Lies [20:38]

5. Dreams Become Flesh [15:12]


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