Embers of Oblivion – Widdershins Path

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label URL: Unsigned
Released: 2018
Buy Album: https://embersofoblivion.bandcamp.com/album/widdershins-path
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/EmbersofOblivion/

Band Line-up:

Haat – Vocals
Lars – Guitars
Maarten – Guitars
Marco – Drums and Vocals
Nomiis – Bass


1. Enter the Void
2. When Emptiness Follows
3. Tread the Widdershins Path
4. A Sorrow Mourned
5. Inherited Screams
6. Hate
7. As Lies Prosper
8. When a Sun Drowns in Fear
9. Staring into the Abyss


Embers of Oblivion are a Dutch melodic death metal band founded in 2014 by ex-members of Rotten, Radical Nerve Distortion and Reborn. They are for fans of In Flames, At The Gates and God Dethroned and write music that is fast, aggressive and powerful. Their more black metal and thrashy debut album ‘Dark the Winter Frost’ was released in 2015 and is still being promoted with performances. Their slightly more commercial and latest album ‘Widdershins Path’ was released in December 2018, and received very favourable reactions.

But is it good? You might like it, if you’re a weapon enthusiast and wish the sound of machine guns could be portrayed in guitars and drums, but there are better bands in this style. What EoO seem to do is copy them, but not so well. I often complain about similar groups relying on basic pedal tone riffs too much, but Embers do elaborate on the ideas a bit more than many. Nevertheless, it would be nice if things were less scalic.

In part because the singer screams his head off all the time, don’t expect much melody from the album. Of course similar bands often don’t care about such elements of music too much. However, many will think the ideas in ‘Widdershins’ aren’t strong enough for it to rely mostly on riffs and energy. Having said that, some of the evil death metal power chords in songs such as ‘A Sorrow Mourned’ are so crushing they do provide a lot of relief.

In conclusion, this is average music. There is little truly off putting about it, but there is also little memorable about it. All the musicians are competent, yet they’re often not particularly fun to listen to. That is partly because everything is so safe and unadventurous. In my opinion, there are hundreds of melodic death metal albums to buy before this one, but again, the music isn’t bad.

Review by Simon Wiedemann