Released: 2018
Director: Travis Knight
Distributor: Paramount
Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., John Cena
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: PG
Review Rating: 4/5


So, here we are, another Transformers movie, this time featuring the cutest, most accessible and, more importantly, most merchandisable character in this metal mad franchise. I sat down, dug into my popcorn and waited for two wasted hours of flashing images, impenetrable fight scenes and mangled dubstep passing itself off as clashing enemies.

How wrong I was! Bumblebee is delightful. It’s a proper adventure movie for all ages. Don’t be expecting some high-minded social commentary on alienation and despair ‘cause it ain’t here! Just a gentle adventure about disparate people coming together and overcoming the odds – simple, but effective.

As an old duffer it put me in mind of ET, The Last Star Fighter and Close Encounters. One of those impossible adventures that somehow drags you in and makes you believe this could actually happen in some far-flung corner of the universe.

As this is a prequel, we start the action eleventy billion miles away in the middle of a Autobot and Decepticon battle – all will be lost if Bumblebee (not yet called that) isn’t sent away to protect the secret he contains.

So, off he pops and, after an altercation with a bad guy who follows him, plus a kicking from the US army, he goes into hiding. He disguises himself and lays low in a scrap yard. After a while, awkward, car-mad teenager, Charlie, played brilliantly by Hailee Steinfeld, finds him and takes him home.

Cue some genuinely hilarious japes, some ‘coming of age’ drama and whole load of fast paced fighting – featuring a great performance by the infamous John Cena as the grizzled Army Major cliché.

I won’t go into too much detail as we don’t want loads of spoilers, but I will say that Bumblebee being a VeeDub Beetle is brilliant and the 80s soundtrack is a thing of great, nostalgic beauty.

My main gripe when I left the cinema was the fact a 17 year old Smiths fan would not have been wearing a Motörhead T-shirt!

If you want in-depth, comic universe realism then go see Deadpool or a Ben Affleck Batflick – if you want the kind of entertainment that made 80s teen flicks so timeless, then go see this.

Review by Polly Phluid