Fusion Bomb – Concrete Jungle

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Iron Shield Records
Released: 25.01.2019
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Band Website: www.facebook.com/fusionbomb.lux

fusion bomb

Band line-up:

Miguel Teixeira Sousa – Guitar/Vocals
Luc Bohr – Guitar
Michel Remy – Bass/Vocals
Scott Kutting – Drums


1. Zest Of Scorn
2. Knuckleburger
3. Concrete Jungle
4. You’re A Cancer To This World
5. Blazing Heat
6. T.M.N.A.
7. Bird Of Prey
8. Nyctophobia
9. Slam Tornado
10. I Never Denied (Excel Cover)


Concrete Jungle is Fusion Bomb’s first full-length album, a follow-up to their debut EP ‘Pravda’, which was released in 2016. Taking what would be considered classic thrash metal qualities and updating them without taking away the standard that makes the genre popular.

The album is full of riffs that immediately draw you in and ‘Zest Of Scorn’ as the first song in the album does not disappoint in that subject area (especially the end riff which I found a bit groovier). Some shout-y vocals with a British twang also add to the general quirkiness. My little music nerd brain loved the eighths on the hi-hat in the song for an added drive now and then. I also find it impressive to be able to concentrate vocally when the rhythms are weaving in and out.

‘Knuckleburger’ has a straighter beat to it. It also had a sense of being less heavy than the previous track. My spidey senses were also tingling at the punk-esque vocals which sat above the again constant change in rhythms. The sudden brutal end makes up for the somewhat lighter beginning.

I got major Metallica ‘Enter Sandman’ vibes throughout ‘Concrete Jungle’, and loved the little riffs and accents between the vocal lines. With a strong rhythm to pull you in and a nice sense of repetitiveness to bring something different to the album than the other tracks on the album, this one was probably my favourite.

‘You’re A Cancer To This World’ and ‘Blazing Heat’ didn’t really stand out to me, not for any particularly terrible reason, they just seemed miss-able. The official music video for this track can be found here:

‘T.M.N.A’ wasn’t great to listen to as part of a recorded album but I can imagine it’d be great to see live, the guitars being hidden underneath the other instruments was a shame. ‘Bird Of Prey’ again has nothing that massively stands out, maybe because it was a longer song than the previous tracks. It also sounds like a completely different song after about three and a half minutes. ‘Nyctophobia’ also changed completely about halfway through but definitely for the better with a lot more drive and use of the off-beat to show a different kind of skill. ‘Slam Tornado’ is the brightest sounding on the album; I also got ‘Ballroom Blitz’ vibes from time to time, which is not to be complained about.

‘I Never Denied’ was an interesting choice of an end song for me. Mostly because it was a longer song and I never understand the use of that at the end no matter the genre. The stops and starts showed an impressive technical ability and the end solo was captivating.

Club Rochal in Luxemburg will be the site of the band’s album release show on 26th January.

Review by:

Megan Duce