Örnatorpet – Hymner från snökulla

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Nordvis
Release: January 2019
Buy Album: https://ornatorpet.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/ornatorpet/





1. Preludium – Gryning
2. Över Frusen Mark – I
3. Över Frusen Mark – II
4. När Gnistrande Snöflingor Falla – I
5. När Gnistrande Snöflingor Falla – II
6. Månen Vandrar Sin Tysta Ban
7. Snön Lyser Vit På Fur Och Gran
8. I Glänsande Skare Kring Knottriga Enar
9. Älvorna Dansa Över Isen
10. Postludium – Midnatt Råder



I quite enjoy ambient, synth and wave music and Örnatorpet felt magical with their second and newest release of Dungeon Synth with ‘Hymner från snökulla’, which translates to Hymns from Snowball. Its release was perfectly timed in winter by Nordvis Records. The sound of the whole album definitely feels like it belongs in some kind of 1980s fantasy films as well as video games.

The entire tone of the album is chilly and ambient. The songs definitely can make you think of snow, ice and cold winter landscapes in the north. The song titles themselves, when translated from Swedish, describe sparkling snowflakes, and elves dancing on ice. Most the songs are quite relaxing and atmospheric. This album is solid synth music so do not expect any kind of vocals. The one thing I will say about it is it does at times feel a little repetitive. The same tones and sounds are used throughout the album. It is pretty simple in its production, which again made me feel it would lend itself quite well to video game music and definitely made feel as though I was playing an RPG like Final Fantasy or an Elder Scrolls game.

All songs were a mixture of whimsy and sombre ambient melodies which were gentle and flowing along at a steady pace. No one song really stood out too much. It was overall pleasant and the kind of music I could also put on a cold winter’s night with some ambient lighting and read to. It is very relaxing music; I have never heard of dungeon synth before this and will have a listen to the first album as well. It’s not the kind of synth music I expected, though all in all it is quite interesting, and me being a bit of a fantasy nerd I can definitely appreciate music like this. Due to it being a little bit repetitive I give it a 3.5 out of 5. It’s not something I would listen to often but it’s enjoyable enough to listen to more than once.