Jussi Lehtisalo’s solo album release date set for March 1st

Ektro Records and Ruton Music set March 1st as the international release date for Jussi Lehtisalo’s highly anticipated new solo album, ‘Dead’, on cassette tape format.

Jussi Lehtisalo

The album is said to be “truly a ‘debut’ in the sense of displaying a new side to this ever-restless music maniac: darkly percolating, this is digital-dungeon dread hovering upwards and beyond-wards from an alternate 8-bit reality.”

Dead arrives conveniently enough during Ektro’s current synth renaissance and will be ejected like a floppy disk onto cassette tape via the label’s Ruton Music.

Unlike Jussi Lehtisalo’s more shimmering, sparkling contemporaries on Ektro during said renaissance, there is nothing on Dead remotely danceable or pulsing in an otherwise friendly way. This takes technology back to a primitive state, literally a demo(n) tape of un-complete music – too simple for the future!

The tracklisting for Jussi Lehtisalo’s Dead:
1. Space (Part One)
2. Grateful Dead
3. Jam (Part One)
4. Jam (Part Two)
5. Drums
6. Space (Part Two)