The Yacht Club – The Last Words You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here & Safe

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Beth Shalom Records
Released: 2019
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Marcus Gooda – Guitar & Vocals,
Jack Holland – Guitar & Vocals,
Alex Bramwell – Bass & Backing Vocals,
Alexander Esp – Drums, Keyboard, Piano & Backing Vocals.


1. Be Happy & Love, Pt. II
2. Heigham Park
3. Postmarks
4. Glue
5. 21
6. Get Your Damn Hands Off Her!
7. Hopeless
8. In Amber
9. Broken Things
10. Be Happy & Love, Pt. III


Without going too deep into the topic, mental health is an increasingly more frequent subject of conversation in today’s society, and rightly so. At times a silent killer, it’s something that we all need to be far more open about for the betterment of all of us. Which is why bands like THE YACHT CLUB ought to be celebrated for their frank take on it all with their debut, “The Last Words You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here & Safe”.

Before discussing the actual music, it’s worth noting that title. “The Last Words You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here & Safe”. Given the fact the album encompasses everything from grief about suicide, to the forced abandonment of youth for the onrushing realities of adulthood, it’s a powerful title to behold. Given the circumstances in which this album was created (the band’s frontman, Marcus Gooda, had to deal with a friend’s suicide), you’d be forgiven for thinking that this would be a aural testament to misery, grief and pain. If you’d thought that, you’d be wrong and a bag of chips, my friend.

“The Last Words…” is a sparkling album full of light; an album that sounds like it could feasibly soundtrack a bright walk through your neighbourhood park without a care in the world. Speaking as someone used to the darkest of albums, this is the sort of album that is the perfect tonic at the spa to the mire. “Heigham Park” is at once despairingly sad as it describes memories and the longing for a lost loved one, and uplifting in its joyful bounce with twinkling guitars and driving rhythms. This is tackling a deeply personal issue in such a positive way, and cannot be commended enough.

“In Amber” is another. Very much an “I miss you” type of song, it radiates positivity, despite its subject matter, and highlights another of the band’s excellent musicianship: the bass. There’s so much groove and juxtaposition with what’s going on elsewhere. It’s so musical and joyous that it really adds an extra dimension to the band’s sound. Whilst there’s a tinge of melancholy about the record (rarely seen, but it is there in places), the vibrancy of the music on display offers a way through to the light at the other end. The euphoric end to closer “Be Happy & Love, Pt. III” screams of a brighter future for anyone, and encapsulates the band’s mission in brutal honesty and levity.

Naturally, if you’re suffering from any form of mental health issue, then talking to someone is a must so you can get the help you need and the help you deserve. But this could offer a lovely sonic tonic whilst you’re on your road to recovery. As for those who’re merely having a bad day (or if you just fancy a great album to soundtrack your day), then THE YACHT CLUB’s debut will be just the ticket, too. “The Last Words You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here & Safe” is the sound of summer filtered through indie-meets-math rock, and just cannot help but bring a little smile to your face. Everyone deserves this little ray of sunshine in their life.