Deth Crux – Mutant Flesh

Rating: 0.5/5
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Released: 2018
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1.) Phantom Blood
2.) Spectral Other
3,) Black Abominable Lust
4.) Chrome Lips
5.) Mutant Flesh
6.) Xenophilia
7.) Lycanthropic Prostitution
8.) Persephone Is Half Human
9.) Exploited Apparition
10.) Yellow Sky


If you are looking for something that makes you want to end it all, this is the album for you. It’s dismal from start to finish, not music, just a dirge, background noise and not a pleasant noise at that. The musical equivalent of telling a 5 year old there is no Santa on Xmas Eve. If Morrissey had a child with Sisters of Mercy & the guy from the Cult, this is what it would sound like, and I won’t listen to any of those bands, so this is obviously not going to impress me.

Mutant Flesh is unbelievably morose, depressing and not something I wanted to listen to ever again, in fact the first time I tried I didn’t make it to the end, it is that bad. The vocals are so deep that it makes it hard to understand the diction at times, very monotone & monotonous, and often sounding off key and tuneless. The information on the band is sketchy, with only first names and no idea who plays what, it is not clear who is to blame for these dreary vocals.

The backing music is hardly better: the most miserable sax appears at times, played by Bruce Lamont of Yakuza, the drums are downbeat, and the guitar riffs are uninspiring. There is nothing to differentiate between tracks, so breaking the review down into song by song is pointless, all songs are equally forgettable and joyless.

Deth Crux are from LA, and are an amalgamation of two doom bands: ‘Buried at Sea’ and ‘Lighting Swords of Death’. They describe themselves as ‘Deathrock Night Stalkers’. Their sound certainly summons up images of scary haunted cemeteries. This is their debut album and at 40 minutes in length, is precisely 40 minutes too long. They previously released an EP ‘Pears of Anguish’, which has recently become available again.

Recorded and mixed by Sandord Parker, this was an absolute torture to listen to, but if you like your music dark, horror filled, miserable and very much 80’s Goth, this might interest you. I was just happy when it ended & I could delete the album, never to suffer it again.

Review by

Lisa Nash