Erlen Meyer – Sang Et Or

Rating: 3.0/5
Distributor/Label: Argonauta Records
Released: 2019
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Band lineup:

Olivier Lacroix – Vocals
Pierre Berger – Guitar
Thomas Besse – Guitar
Jérémy Abella – Bass
Karol Diers – Drums


1. Coton Cardé
2. Rouge Cardinal
3. Vipères
4. Grand Duc
5. Re Ar Fi La
6. Le Chant De L’Hydre
7. Enfer Forgé
8. Trompe l’Oeil


Erlen Meyer came bursting into the scene with their debut self-titled full release back in 2013. Fast forward six years later and the quartet from Limoges, France have penned a worldwide deal with Argonauta Records and now have their sophomore full release in ‘Sang Et Or’. Strength to strength for the band it seems, after a dark period where tragedy struck before the band really got going when their original drummer passed away before their first album was finished. That’s enough to shake any band at anytime so it is a sign of commitment to the cause to see that the band are still going and moving forward.

Their first album turned a few heads with Cult Of Luna’s Magnus Lunard’s name going on the list for producing the album, and their sound carried some slight resemblance to Cult Of Luna’s music, albeit a bit heavier some may say…The band looked to Agatha Christie novels and Alfred Hitchcock for some inspiration for the dark post-core music that they have created, although I am having to take their word on that as my French is limited to asking for the bill and counting to 100. I’m pretty sure some numbers got mentioned too so proud moment for me; feeling useful for a change.

In terms of their craft, Erlen Meyer can produce some dark works of art. The album is a bit of a slow burner for me though, but there’s some pretty haunting and driving music in there such as on ‘Re Ar Fi La’, which has some really effective drumming on it from drummer Karol Diers. The drumming is a positive throughout as it drives in the heavy when required but also tempers the pace during the slower, more crawling passages which are abundant throughout this album. The dual guitars are used for offsetting any balance in the music, throwing off any comfort that one may fall into whilst listening to the album. They really come to their most effective during ‘Enfer Forgé’, especially during the death metal infused break which hits really hard and is rather enjoyable as all forces combine beautifully. Probably my pick of the album.

Overall, ‘Sang Et Or’ is something quite unique in its own right and there are some moments of sheer quality and depth to the music, but there’s a lot left to be desired as things are rather similar from song to song. The pace is pretty standard, the eerie vibes become a bit standard after so long and it can be pretty damn heavy but there aren’t enough moments where the impetus is taken and the time to strike is not capitalised upon enough for me. Still, it’s not all doom and gloom and there’s a market for this music, so I’m sure others will see it differently. Let’s put it down to a case of je ne comprend pas…

Review By:

Pete Mutant