From the Vastland – Daevayasna

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Satanath Records
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Sina – Guitars, Vocals
Tjalve – Bass
Spektre – Drums


1. Fall into Duzakh
2. Sinful Oblivion
3. Agas
4. Daevayasna
5. Sickle of Melmedas
6. The Cadavers Tower
7. As the Grey Clouds Rain


Iran really is the last place you’d expect to find a metal scene, but you would be much mistaken.

Granted, the music is not allowed to be played by their governments, the underground is swelling, and several bands have made their way out into international recognition, given that they have had to leave their homeland but have not abandoned the concepts and influences of said country.

One such band is From the Vastland, and what a vast album they have delivered with their fourth studio outing: ‘Daevayasna’. Themed around the history and ancient mythologies of Persia, the band appear to be telling us how epic and awesome their homeland is when it comes to mythologies like those of Greece and Egypt, and their current religious/political situation should not erase such mythology.

‘Daevayasna’ is composed with all the right elements you’d expect from a typical Norwegian outfit, and their relocation to Trondheim is reflected in the blast beats and screamed roars that rasp across the ongoing buzz of the guitars.

Like the satanic or esoteric themes of the bands who’ve influenced them, there are niche mythological stories told over some of the best music ever concocted through these seven tracks.

Overall, I think this album is telling us that nations like Iran have as big a story to tell as their Scandinavian and European counterparts, so the middle east is somewhere to look for epic and angry extreme metal. The only downside I find to this album is that it goes on a little too long and drags sometimes – but that is of no dismay, merely an act of taste.

Check these boys out if you want to know what Iran has to offer the metal universe.

Review by

Demitri Levantis