InMe + Veridian @ The Black Heart, London

Date: 19th January 2019
Review by Natalie Lloyd-Shaw
Photography by Natalie Lloyd-Shaw

This wasn’t my first time seeing InMe, as I was lucky enough to catch them supporting A a few months before. I was excited for the chance to catch them again as this time they were headlining at The Black Heart. They were being supported by Veridian, a 6-piece alternative-rock band from Reading.

I walked into a crowded, lively pub with no clue where I was going. Being new to London, there’s a lot of venues I’ve not had the chance to visit, the Black Heart in Camden being one of them. The gig venue in the pub is upstairs (which I’m sure many of you are aware of), however, to a novice like me, the door to the stairs felt hidden in a corner and made it feel like a little secret venue space.

As it drew closer to the set time the venue quickly transformed from a quiet, empty room selling merch to a loud and rowdy space. It was clear to see that the crowd had been taking advantage of the downstairs bar. Veridian opened the night and the small stage was certainly filled by them. As if the six members and their instruments wasn’t enough, they also had some stage lights with them. This gave their set a great atmosphere and kept the crowd’s attention focused on the stage, not that they needed the help. Their sound fit well with the InMe crowd. Veridian have often been compared to Young Guns and Mallory Knox, and you could clearly see why with their great performance. During their last song, they even got the crowd involved by getting them to sing along, which is often hard to do as the supporting act.


Next up was the main guys themselves, InMe, which the crowd had clearly waiting for. Veridian had geared up the crowd ready for them, getting everyone to chant “InMe, InMe, InMe” until the boys came on stage. Emerging out from a little door at the back of the stage, they killed it as soon as they started playing. They began the set with ‘Her Mask (P.A.)’ and the crowd were instantly singing along with them.

InMe played hit after hit with as much energy as the previous song. Dave McPherson loved talking to the crowd between songs, from the occasional joke to thanking their fans by saying “Thanks for the claps, thanks for the self-esteem boost”. The rest of them jokingly wanted to get on with the rest of the set list, teasingly telling him to shut up and get on with it.


Towards the end of the set Dave tried to get into the middle of the crowd to perform from there. He soon retreated to the stage, realising the crowd were to rowdy, declaring that he “didn’t think this through”.

Their short run of dates was to showcase and promote their upcoming album “Jumpstart Hope” which is yet to have a release date. As well as giving the fans a sneak peek of what’s in store by playing a few of their new songs, they also hinted at a future tour in the pipeline.


Set List:

Her Mask (P.A.)
Blood Orange Lake
Safe In A Room
Reverie Shores
The Next Song
Creation: Amethyst
Reverie: Aquarium
7 Weeks
Ferocity In Desire
Rogue Waves
For Something To Happen
Cracking The Whip
Faster The Chase