Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats at Electric Brixton-London

Saturday, 26 Jan 2019
Photos by Sabrina Selkis
Review by Dimitris Karagkounis

It’s another rainy Saturday night in London and the city is wet and gloomy, the perfect scenery for an occult ”Hammer Horror” movie. You’re wearing your bell-bottom jeans, rocking your sideburns and have your old vintage replica Black Sabbath t-shirt on, but something’s missing. You’re not in the 70s cause most likely you were born in the 80s and the soundtrack of the background noise doesn’t quite match your mood. What you can do? Don’t worry Uncle Acid got your back, all you have to do is to get your ass to Brixton.

That’s what I did as well, not with that outfit but nontheless in the mood to listen to some good ol’ fashioned Sabbath influenced riffs. All of us who live in London we know that every weekend TfL make our lives difficult so that was no exception, especially when it’s pouring crocodiles from the sky.

Sadly I missed the support band that Uncle A. has chosen to accompany them in this leg of their tour. Blood Ceremony it’s a female fronted Canadian 60s-70s occult psyche-rock band and they worth your time to check them out in case you missed them too or you don’t know them.

The Electric Brixton is quite packed for Uncle Acid and his deadbeats and the anticipation is growning bigger by the minute. The clock hits 20.55 and the band storms on stage where they open with ”I see through you” from their latest album Wasteland.

The sound is heavy and has that warm fuzzy feeling you were looking for. Behind the band there’s a big screen that projects 70s horror splatter themed images with Uncle Acid’s logo which created a nice audiovisual balance.

An element that makes Uncle Acid really enjoyable is that they are groovy and their rhythm section is like a freight train marching in the speakers. You can easily headbang, boogie, mosh and crowdsurf with that heavy sound. And that’s what the crowd did indeed.

A gig becomes even more enjoyable when you have a good band on stage and a really psyched crowd that’s not afraid to get sweaty and create comottion as an audiance. Uncle Acid were lucky they had this kind of crowd with them on that night.

Setlist-wise they covered all 5 albums of their discography so no one would complain. Highlights of the gig were ”Pusher Man”, ”13 Candles” and the closing 9 minute ”No return”. It was a really fun and energised gig and Uncle Acid performed their 70s nostalgia influenced jam with great passion. A great way to kick off Saturday night.