Exile On Mainstream is excited to announce the release of Revanche, by Dutch instrumental/technical rock/metal outfit, GORE. By no means a new album, Revanche is a completely reworked, re-envisioned, and repackaged version of the band’s 1992-released Lifelong Deadline album. The original recordings of the entire album have here been restructured and rebuilt to sound like a wholly different album, as it was originally intended. Set for release in March 22nd, preorders for the album have been posted and new GORE tour dates have been announced.


When SPV released GORE’s fifth album Lifelong Deadline in 1992, it marked the third restart in the band’s then six-year-long career. But even though the lineup – consisting of founding member Rob Frey, aka Marij Hel on bass and newcomers Bardo Koolen on drums and Johan van Reede on guitar – could be considered the most organic and competitive lineup, the band failed to revive the hype that started with their 1986-released Hart Gore LP.

The band remark “despite raving press, Lifelong Deadline failed commercially, even more so because the band itself sees it as a complete failure. What should have become our magnum opus turns out to be an over-produced, rudderless monstrosity, over the top, out of balance, and with zero impact”. Still, GORE remained on the road supporting Lifelong Deadline for over three years, tearing down each and every stage they performed on, which proved to the members how well the album actually could have turned out.

This suspicion lingered for quite some time until 2016 when guitarist Johan Van Reede finally decided to reconstruct Lifelong Deadline after more than twenty-five years since its original release, and expectedly showcasing how vivid these songs still are. Although dysfunctional the band decides to give the album a complete overhaul, to start from scratch, bringing the album to new life. In order to achieve a truly competitive production the band decided to bring in Terry Date (Slayer, Pantera, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot) to handle the final mixes as well Howie Weinberg for the mastering. And so, GORE’s Lifelong Deadline has now been transformed into GORE’s Revanche, or, “break-even.”

Revanche is not a 1:1 copy of Lifelong Deadline. It is a complete reworking; a reinterpretation of what it could have originally been, concluding twenty-seven years of unfinished business.

GORE’s Revanche will see release on LP bundled with a CD and all digital platforms on March 22nd, with pre-orders available in Europe via the Exile On Mainstream store

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Hi res artwork available here.

Revanche Track Listing:-

1:- Bad Ideas Obsession
2:- Battle Of Stones
3:- Treat
4:- No Respect
5:- Rustproof Rape
6:- Concentration Connection
7:- Isis
8:- Waste Taste
9:- Cleared By Recognition
10:- Morrowland

The week Revanche is released, there will be a brand-new documentary on GORE released in several segments, highlighting the band’s storied career. Watch for more new details to be issued shortly.

In the twenty-two years since GORE disbanded in 1996, there have been as many requests for a reunion as there have been rejections. Reunions are usually meant to relive success-stories and with all good will in the world GORE was not. Yes, the albums and performances were doubtless intense and groundbreaking, but it is also a fact the press tried to make more of the buzz then the audience needed. Let’s face it; for many, GORE was just a bridge to far. However, when Walter Hoeijmakers of the notorious Roadburn Festival heard about the reissue of Lifelong Deadline he instantly offered GORE a spot on its 2019 bill. Now twenty years in the making, a GORE reunion is in fact confirmed. Four more shows have been added as warm-up events leading up to Roadburn, with performances set for Bruxelles, Berlin, Hamburg, and a slot on the infamous 20 Year Anniversary of Exile On Mainstream Records, who will release Revanche directly in conjunction with these gigs.

GORE Reunion Live Dates:
29/03/2019 Les Atelier Claus – Bruxelles, BE
02/04/2019 Zukunft Am Ostkreuz – Berlin, DE w/ Darsombra, Jehacktet
03/04/2019 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE w/ The Winchester Club
05/04/2019 UT Connewitz – Leipzig, DE @ 20 Years Exile On Mainstream  ( info )
13/04/2019 Roadburn Festival – Tilburg, NL@ 20 Years Exile On Mainstream ( info )