Parkway Drive & Bury Tomorrow & Thy Art Is Murder at O2 Apollo Manchester

Date: Wednesday, 30TH JAN 2019

Parkway drive returned to Manchester on Wednesday to start their UK tour in support of their latest album, Reverence, and the lucky people of Manchester get to see them two nights in a roll. Accompanying them on the bill tonight were their fellow countrymen deathcore unit Thy Art Is Murder and our own metalcore favourite Bury Tomorrow. This tour has an extremely massive stage production and it’s almost sold out in every city; there is no doubt that this is going to be one unforgettable evening.

First to go on the stage was Thy Art Is Murder and it’s safe to say that this band is now at their best form that I have ever seen. Frontman CJ McMahon is now very confident to sing, to demand the audience and to own the stage.

Music-wise the set was heavy yet very refined. It’s clear that the band has been working extremely hard on it, because everything sounded great from guitars to drums and to CJ’s powerful growling, and the amount of crowd surfing from the audiences said it all, we loved them.

All in all a very nice performance, the entire set was explosive and atmospheric and it left me wanting more.

Second on the bill tonight is our own metalcore unit Bury Tomorrow. Now I have seen them live a few times, both headlining and supporting, and their live performance never disappoints.

Frontman Dani’s scream vocals are offset perfectly by the clean chorus from guitarist Jason. This formula goes on across their whole set and it works a treat.

As a band they are a very tight-knit unit, with each member having their own moment to shine yet performing seamlessly as a whole. There was a steady stream of fans crowd surfing, which is always a good sign of a successful night.

Now it’s time for the band we all have been waiting for – Parkway Drive. These Aussie guys have come a very long way to get where they are and it just goes to show that metalcore is definitely not dead and, in fact, it is stronger than ever.

The set started with one spotlight over frontman Winston McCall performing “Wishing Wells” from Reverence, which slowly led us into their set. The powerful roaring of “Until I’m done” sees all the band members lit up one by one, which signals the start of a magnificent night ahead of us.

It’s no surprise that the set is hugely made up of their new material from ‘Reverence‘, hence the name of the tour, and it’s safe to say that this album is made to be played live and create massive headbanging sessions, I mean how could you resist banging your head along with the riff of “The Void”?

There is no way we can talk about the Reverence tour without mentioning the stage production because it is huge, maybe not quite Rammstein but it is damn close!

The pyrotechnics, lighting and the overall set up of the stage are just massive. Although to ensure that the fire does not shift the focus of the night, there were times they even had violinists join them on the stage to perform “Shadow Boxing” and “Wild eyes“, which were rather special and certainly made the evening more balanced .

If you have missed this leg of their tour I am afraid you’re gonna have to buy a flight ticket to Europe, but I promise it will worth the travelling, even just seeing the flamethrower efforts during ‘Dedication’ would worth the money alone, this is not a tour you can afford to miss.