Preview: Heavy Psych Sounds Festival – London

Heavy Psych Sounds are probably the best label out there for stoner/psych fans. Their roster includes the likes of Nick Oliveri , Fatso Jetson and Mothership. Soon they will be putting on a show in London featuring four excellent doom/psych/stoner bands.

Dead Witches at Desertfest London 2018

Headliners for the night will be Dead Witches, celebrating the release of their new album, The Final Exorcism, which drops on the same day. Straight out of the mind of legendary sticksman Mark Greening (Ramesses, ex-Electric Wizard), Dead Witches are a heavy, fuzzy and dark experience, oozing with B-movie horror vibes. They’ll be presenting tracks from their new album, The Final Exorcism, which is the first to feature the band’s solidified lineup around Greening – Soozi Chameleone (vocals), Oliver Hill (guitar) and the returning Carl Geary (bass)

Dead Witches at Desertfest London 2018

I was lucky enough to squeeze down the front for their set at The Underworld during Desertfest London last summer. The vocal talent of new singer Soozi was great to hear and fit the tone of the band perfectly.

Dead Witches at Desertfest London 2018

Listening to the teasers and preview tracks is getting me excited for the full album and the album launch gig. If tracks like ‘Fear the Priest’ are anything to go by, it could be one of the best albums released this year! Also, The Final Exorcism was mixed by Doug Shearer, who previously mastered Electric Wizard’s ‘Dopethrone’ and ‘Let Us Prey’. Pre-order the album here:

Check out Fear The Priest from the new album, here:


Black Rainbows at Desertfest London 2018

Main support for the night comes from Black Rainbows, who have readily established themselves as Italy’s – if not Europe’s – dominant force of stoner psych. From 2007’s debut, Twilight in the Desert, right through to 2018’s Pandaemonium, Black Rainbows have consistently served up hearty slices of cosmic space stuff which leans as heavily into 70s space rock classics as it does traditional stoner fare. That the Italian underground thrives today is a testament as much to Black Rainbow as any other band.



Another band who has been a huge influence on the Italian psych scene is Giöbia, who we’re proud to say are part of this mammoth bill. Rooted firmly in a deep love for 60s acid/space rock, though not without adding their own contemporary spin, Giöbia takes you on a trip to Alpha Centauri with their wavy psych, before sling-shotting you out into the distant edges of the galaxy accompanied by a faint droning undercurrent.

Deadsmoke Deadsmoke

Completing this mind melting exhibition of what Heavy Psych Sounds has to offer are yet another example of Italy’s ever expanding underground scene, Deadsmoke. Kicking things off with a brutal dose of sludge, Deadsmoke are downtuned bleakness incarnate. Their two must-spin full lengths, self-titled and Mountain Legacy respectively, are granite slabs of pure filth.

Keep an eye on the facebook event page for any updates and news nearer the date!

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