Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label URL: XENOKORP/
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

• Dave “Hourment” CHAIGNE – Guitars & Vocals
• Mike “Ron Maiden” CHAIGNE – Bass & Vocals
• Hervé “To Heaven” MOTTÉ – Drums & Vocals


1. Sympathy for the débile 4:27
2. Camembert nécrophile 1:04
3. Once upon the crotte 2:44
4. Leffe for dead 1:09
5. Ass of péd’ 1:15
6. Sublime inspecteur Derrick décomposition 1:44
7. Discolocauste 3:00
8. Chiasse à paillettes 2:14
9. Beheaded Kamikaze 2:22
10. Règles in blood 2:21
11. Madame Richard in the Land of Fist 3:28
12. Adolph Lundgren 3:02
13. Boogie Woogie Dancing truie 1:05
14. Abbath Loves Friskies 2:02
15. I’m Your Boogie truie 2:14
16. Diarrhée mousseuse 3:43
17. La sono el’ claque 5:42


This French trio has been working towards this debut for over ten years. They play a thick mix of gore/death metal with the typical vocals.

Every song sounds the same…every song. One vocalist sounds like a squealing pig, one sounds like he is eating the microphone, and one has a gruff, but clean voice. The band is heavy and plays at a blistering speed that I actually loved. I also loved the clean vocals, but that’s it. I could not understand the French lyrics at all.

If you love this kind of music, give it a try. I’m just glad that with one click, I can delete this and never have to hear it again. This truly is the mother of shit.

Review by Rick Ecker