Lee McKinney announces debut solo album ‘Infinite Mind’

Lee McKinney, known for being part of Born Of Osiris, has announced the release of his solo album. The album is due to be released March 29th via Sumerian Records.

“A Neverending Explosion” (Official Stream)


Lee McKinney

The “heaviest” track on the record ‘A Neverending Explosion’, is now available online. Various pre-order bundles are also available.

McKinney states: “‘A Neverending Explosion’ is a song that I feel really showcases a lot of what Infinite Mind is. This track has the ‘heaviest’ metal style vibe by far, but it also showcases the soft and emotional feelings that really make this record personal and special to me.

“There’s also a ton of clean guitar and saxophone on the record. There are heavy and aggressive moments as well. This specific track gives you a lot the elements of Infinite Mind wrapped into a 3 minute and 45 second package.”

Pre-Order Merch Bundles – https://www.sumerianmerch.com/