Skraeckoedlan – Eorþe

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Fuzzorama Records
Released: 2019
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Band lineup:
Tim Ångström – Bass
Martin Larsson – Drums
Robert “Poncho MF” Lamu – Guitars, Vocals
Henrik “Hank the Tank” Grüttner – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
  1. Guldåldern
  2. Kung Mammut
  3. Creature of Doggerland
  4. Angelica
  5. Mammutkungens Barn
  6. Elfensbenssalarna
  7. Tentakler Betar
  8. Angra Mainyu
  9. Peggys Sång

Swedish psychedelic stoner metal/rock outfit Skraeckoedlan are back with their third full length release in ‘Eorþe’, coming four years after their sophomore release ‘Sagor’. The band have stayed as a solid outfit now for ten years, in it together without any changes to the original lineup. Both their first two albums gelled well together. To showcase their sound they had a bit of fuzz, were pretty heavy and used a lot of sludgy riffs but also were quite accessible and had some pop elements that came out on the rare occasion. So what does ‘Eorþe’ give?

Some more of the same in fact, but there are plenty of elements that make this album stand out from their previous efforts. The first album had some songs in English but the vast majority of tracks since have all been exclusively done in the band’s native tongue. So, the subject matter is slightly lost on me but the music and vocal melodies work well together despite my lack of lyrical comprehension. Despite this, the music is very accessible for people all over, especially fans looking for an interesting blend of Mastodon meets Queens Of The Stone Age.

You get all of this from the very start and having never heard of the band before getting this assignment, I was a bit lost for a point of reference on the first listen. As the album expanded I was able to get rooted in their sound and really enjoyed many aspects albeit with little understanding of any motifs, tropes or base storyline beyond the title of each track. I do like the heavier flowing parts best though, like the opening in ‘Kung Mammut’ but there’s so much more in store as the band are not worried about going into expansive territory during some of their longer songs. The sixth track ‘Elfenbenssalarna’ whilst having a title that sounds like me ordering a pound of salami whilst heavily intoxicated, exceeds the ten minute mark, possibly their most ambitious effort to date, certainly their longest track.

All in all it is a solid album with many likeable qualities. There’s nothing too outlandish or mind-blowing but still, there’s some great musicianship in abundance, with some titanic riffs, competent rhythm and some nice vocal melodies which wrap the dynamic up soundly and resolutely. Ten years and three albums in, it will be an interesting prospect to see where the band goes from here but I’m certain it will be a rather enjoyable journey; wherever it may lead.
Review By Pete Mutant