Somn – The All-Devouring

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Elusive Sound
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Mikhail Kurochkin – Bass, vocals
Timur Yusupov – Drums
Oleg Salnikov – Guitars
Artem Selyuguin – Guitars, vocals


1. Sightless
2. Awe
3. Tempest
4. The All-Devouring


The decade that saw the rise of post-black metal is almost over, so it is of no surprise that bands as far and wide as mighty Russia are bringing enchanting atmospheres from the most obscure parts of the world.

One band who’ve released their debut album is Somn from St Petersburg, and the release is aptly named ‘The All-Devouring’ because it’ll bite your eardrums from the moment you press play and devour your whole soul into an atmosphere that I can only liken to the hounds of hell shrieking through the endless caverns in which dwell Lucifer and his lackeys after being cast out of hell.

There are only four tracks on this album, all at a progressive length symbolising the progress made in a band who have sought to impress the world of metal with their shrieks and wails that lift up the listener’s spirit to a new aura that only black metal can achieve. Somn describe themselves as a band who like to transcend their origins in black metal and postrock, and they have definitely performed one of their ‘sonic assaults’ on my mind with this release.

If I were to liken them to any other bands, I’d say they are Russia’s answer to The Ruins of Beverast by their atmospheres and brutality, delivered at both lightning-fast and slow, doomy tempos. ‘The All-Devouring’ will have you in a trance one second and then have you floating over a sea of notes and calm percussion – something to please a wide range of listeners.

Give these boys a shot if you’re into post-rock, black metal or dark ambience with songs over 10 minutes long.

Review by

Demitri Levantis