Resonance Magnetique – Sign

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Neris Records
Released: January 2019
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Band line-up:

Ludovic Dhenry – All instruments/arrangements


01: The Crypt
02: Grim Cave
03: Sign
04: Cursed Ruins
05: Spectre
06: Shiny Eyes
07: Near
08: Sharp Claws
09: Vestiges
10: Netherworld
11: Through the Fog
12: Vein
13: Den of Evil


The purpose of Independent Voice is to introduce alternative independent bands and artists to alternative musicophiles. Here we’re gonna introduce Ludovic Dhenry’s project Resonance Magnetique and their second album Sign. The French artist has various projects such as Exponentia and Zauber that are more goth oriented, on the other hand Resonance Magnetique is an electronic project and it’s quite dark and ambient.

The Sign album consists of 13 tracks of long echoing synth pads accompanied by borderline IDM drum programming. The album, because of its nature, is better to be enjoyed in its entirety. It serves the purpose of a dark ambient background soundtrack and it needs to be perceived as one. The artist here is not trying to compose and create club anthems or big arena music, but intimate, dark and ambient soundscapes to accompany the listener in relaxed moments. The highlight of the album is the Spectre track that can stand out from the album’s sound storytelling and can get the tension a bit higher. I enjoyed and felt relaxed from the album’s atmosphere. Having said that, I would appreciate a bigger diversity in the synth pad sounds used in this album to create a wider soundscape. A really enjoyable release none the less.



Review by

Dimitris Karagkounis