Holygram – Modern Cult

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label: Reptile Music
Released: 2018
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Holygram - Modern Cults

Band Line up:

Not known

Track Listing:

1: Into The Void
2: Modern Cults
3: A Faction
4: Signals
5: Dead Channel Skies
6: Hideaway
7: Still There
8: Odd Neighbourhood
9: She’s Like The Sun
10: Distant Light
11: 1997


On first listen of German band Holygram’s most recent album it feels cavernous and hypnotic with the use of plenty of echo in the mix. Taken in its entirety the album feels both cold and warm simultaneously.

This set of eleven tracks whiffs of the 1980s with sonic bookmarks as diverse as ‘Talk Talk’, ‘Joy Division’, ‘The Chameleons’ and ‘The Cocteau Twins’. There’s plenty of texture and hue here along with varying depths and shades of tone colour which I find satisfying.

Stand out tracks include ‘Signals’, with a deep, meandering bass line that’s entwined with wiry guitar that accents the track in all the right places with filigrees and blips, and ‘She’s Like The Sun’, which conjures images of surfers riding an oily wave before it crashes on silvery cerium rocks.

I like the slick and smooth feel of this! The ‘dum dum dum dum’ of the bass on ‘Dead Channel Skies’ elicits the feeling of suction, of being drawn in towards something that is ominous and weirdly charismatic.

With ‘Distant Light’, thick, sinuous wires are created in my mind’s eye by the opening bass line that shimmers in glistening darkness. Smoke and mist entwine in a dance of concealment where shadows are the only clue to the existence of life. Love it! And the track ‘1997’ has pulsed keyboards like lights flipping on and off in a musical Morse code. This is the track that reminds me of Ian Curtis and Peter Hook!

In summary I consider this to be a must listen and an enjoyable 45 minutes of aural pleasure!


Review By

Claudia Black