Türborockers KVINNA unleash album details + first single!

This is Türborock’ coming April 26th!

This band sounds like an angry mammoth from outer space, who just landed in the desert with its Mustang ’68: Rough, pure and full of energy, KVINNA are set to conquer the world in rattlesnake boots and denim jackets! Formed in 2015 in Mainz, Germany, followed by numerous shows all over the country, the türborock space trio has just recently announced the release of their debut album titled ‘This is Türborock’ on CD and LP formats with Argonauta Records during the Spring of 2019. With their intergalactic live action, high voltage Hard and Stoner Rock sounds with the elements of Punk, Classic Rock and a big ‘Fu** You’ attitude, KVINNA recorded their first full-length back in 2017, but finally found the perfect home for its release in Argonauta Records. Saddle your lasor raptors, when the spaceship of Türborock‘n‘roll will land and pits are about to break loose, as ‘This is Türborock’ will see the light of day on April 26th! Today the band is not only sharing the galactic album artwork and tracklist with us, but also a first single to the track ‘Gammal Kvinna’!

Says the band: “We thought about naked witches from outer space. But very old. And kinda sexy. Like a kinky Swedish folk tale. In outer space.”

Dive into the universe of KVINNA and stream the rock ‘n rollercoaster ‘Gammal Kvinna’ HERE!