Ceremony of Silence – OUTIS

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: https://www.willowtip.com/home.aspx
Release:  2019
Buy Album: https://ceremonyofsilence.bandcamp.com
Band Website: Ceremony Of Silence

Ceremony Of Silence - OUTIS

Band Line Up:

Vilozof – Guitars
Svjatogor – Drums

Track List:

1. Invocation of the Silent Eye
2. Ceremony of a Thousand Stars
3. Trance of Void
4. Upon the Shores of Death
5. Black Sea of Drought
6 – Arising of No Man
7 – Into the Obscure Light


OUTIS is 7 tracks of doom metal spanning just over 35 minutes from Slovakian band Ceremony of Silence that sounds a bit like Wolves in the Throne Room. The production is thick, muddy and heavy on atmosphere conjuring up images of dark dank forests with humidity hanging heavy in the air. In my mind’s eye I see silhouetted figures hunched in the undergrowth flitting from shadow to shadow. The bass lines feel gloopy but melodic with a ponderous introspective meander to them. On first listen I remember certain passages within the songs sounded familiar but as soon as the thought had formed it went away. This is the sort of album I’d listen to as an accompaniment to personal musings as it helps the process along.

Ceremony Of A Thousand Stars is hypnotic and the tremolo picking helps pull things along. Trance of Void has a deep sinister vocal that sounds like a giant threatening a Norse god into confrontation, sinuous guitar ramping up the tension!! The guitars in Upon the Shores Of Death conjure the white crests of waves falling on a corpse ridden beach at dusk whilst the machine gunning of the kick drums and urgency of the snare in Black Sea of Drought alludes to a Danteesque scene of torment bashing away at the skull relentlessly until you rip your face off in despair!!

Arising of No Man has a buttery and circular bass pitch bent in places to disorientate. Overall I get a sense of melodic dissonance that descends into dark pits of discordant mess before rising up into low clouds of doom pierced by shards of fading light!! Final track Into the Obscure Light offers respite, it is lighter in tone, if you can get lighter tones in a doomy death metal track! But you have to wait until mid track for this obscure lightness to come and even then it does not last long before we return to the gloom. The drums and bass are relentless in their urgency at this point and I am glad the experience finally concludes!!

If you cannot wait for the formation of low hanging black clouds setting the scene before a rain storm then why not listen to this?? I just did and I am knackered!!!

Review by Claudia Black















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