Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label: https://artoffact.com/
Released: 2018
Buy: https://kaelanmikla.bandcamp.com/album/n-tt-eftir-n-tt
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/Kaelanmikla/

Kaelan Mikla - Nott Efter Nott

Band Line Up:

Sólveig Matthildur – Keyboards
Margrét Rósa – Bass Guitar
Laufey Soffía – Vocals


1. Gandreid
2. Nornalagid
3. Hvernig Kemst Eg Upp
4. Skuggadans
5. Draumadis
6. Naeturblom
7. Andvaka
8. Nott Efter Nott
9. Daid Er Allt An Drauma


I prefer this album to their first one called Manadans, this effort is more polished with less screaming and more dimensions. Manadans reminds me of when I used to sit on my bed in my bedsit back in the 1990s, programming simple drum patterns into a Roland TR 626 and strumming hypnotic but repetitive baselines through a Boss effects box. Nott Efter Nott is something that transcends the bedroom and transports me to a near dark dance floor where I swirl and turn like a whirring dervish lost in another world and shrouded in dry ice!! This is a misty and mystical album and rather shamanic!!

The first track Gandreid (Witch Ride) sets the tone with ethereal wordless vocals accompanied by hypnotic drums and eerie synths. This is followed by Nornalagid (Witch Song) a track that sounds very early Xmal Deutschland. The bass line is a simple one repeated but just on the right side of being monotonous. All the tracks have simply played bass lines that could wander into the area of monotony if it was not for the keyboards and vocals filling out the soundscape in the right places to give an air of freshness.

Virgin Prunes had a knack of creating tunes with looped bass lines that had this air about them. The next track Skuggadans  (Shadow Dance) is a nicely crafted piece of music that reminds me of The Virgin Prunes, it has a dark and jaunty bass line accompanied by the half screamed half sung vocals of Laufey Soffia which adds up to 2 minutes and 27 seconds of satisfying art! As I alluded to earlier the screamed vocals have been toned down on this album, they have not been binned totally just used in a more creative manner.

Draumadis (Dream) is an example of this. They’ve mixed it up with softer melodic vocals that add to the misty feel!! With Andvaka (Sleepless) though they are back with a vengeance and this time with a pleading tone!! Do I hear a bull roarer in the background adding to the soporific air?? Title track ”Nott Efter Nott” ( Night After Night) coaxes me into a suitably relaxed frame of mind for Daid Er Allt An Drauma (It Is All Without Dreams) which signals the end of a fine album.

This is an enjoyable listen that does not disappoint and I’d highly recommend it as an addition to your CD or MP3 collection!!

Review by Claudia Black