Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Nordvis
Released: 2019
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Band line up:

Par Stille: Vocals, guitar and production
Andreas Johansson: Bass
Johan Marklund: Drums

Session Members:

Perra Karlson: Drums
Mannevond: Vocals
Tore Stjerna: Vocals

Track Listing:

1:- Minnesgava
2:- Allt
3:- Den Foljsamma Plagen
4:- Minnets Melankoli
5:- Leendet Av Hans Verk
6:- Den Dodes Stigar
7:- Till Priset Av Vart Liv
8:- Eftermale


Bergraven (Black Mountain) are a trio black metal musicians from Malmo in Sweden who up until now have been off my radar. They have been in existence for around 9 years and all three members have also been busy with their other project called ”Stilla”. This album, called ”The Front Memory” in English, has a very jazzy, trippy feel to it that in places reminds me of Triptykon and Arcturus. It’s experimental but also melodiously off kilter in places! There are passages that feel bright and magical, like light reflecting off water droplets, and in other places I am taken on a journey into the abyss of my mind not knowing where I am going or how the hell I am going to get out. But then I am out, with the feeling we were going around in circles all along!

I also get subtle hints of flamenco in Minnets Melankoli with a reflective start that gets heavier as the track moves along. The whole album feels like jazzy flamenco with floaty passages coated in pensive black metal rage. I am also reminded of the film score metal that Opensight produce. Stand out tracks for me are tracks three, four, and six with its meandering quality that finally breaks into a gallop around the seven minute mark topped by the pained and pleading vocal. To sum up, I can say that this album is a smorgasbord of sounds that don’t fit neatly into any one category but transcend them all. If this what you like then you will not be disappointed!


Review by

Claudia Black