Rating: 4/5
February 2019
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Giacomo Voli (vocals)
Alex Staropoli (keyboards)
Roby De Micheli (guitars)
Alessandro Sala (bass)
Manu Lotter (drums)


1. Abyss Of Pain
2. Seven Heroic Deeds
3. Master Of Peace
4. Rain Of Fury
5. White Wizard
6. Warrior Heart
7. The Courage To Forgive
8. March Against The Tyrant
9. Clash Of Times
10. The Legend Goes On
11. The Wind, The Rain And The Moon
12. Tales Of A Hero’s Fate
13.* Rain Of Fury (Japanese Version)


Italian masters of fantasy symphonic metal Rhapsody of Fire bring their 12th epic studio album The Eighth Mountain. Released through German label AFM records and first Rhapsody of Fire saga not to feature the original vocalist Fabio Lione and drummer Alex Holzwarth since leaving the band in 2016. This album features Giacomo Voli and Manu Lotter. The album features 12 songs (13 for the Japanese version). The new vocalist Voli has a very similar voice and singing style to Fabio so fans should be quite pleased with the album and line up. These guys go all out as expected and the production includes The Bulgarian National Symphony Orchestra and narration by the late Sir Cristopher Lee who has contributed to earlier Rhapsody of Fire productions.

The Eighth Mountain is the beginning of a new saga “The Nephilim’s Empire”. You can expect an album packed with grandiose songs that tell a story that will excite anyone who loves medieval fantasy. Most of the songs are fast paced and full of furious guitar arpeggios, powerful riffs, catchy choruses, powerful drums and make you feel as though you are galloping through a landscape surrounded by snowcapped mountains on your way to battle the enemies. A couple of the songs like “Warrior Heart” are softer more medieval ballads.

The beginning starts off quite strong and then the ending finishes off almost abruptly, but the narration by Christopher Lee is interesting and sets you up for what’s to come in the next chapter of the saga. Rhapsody of Fire definitely is not running out of ideas and using the scope of their imagination and musical craftsmanship to tell a grand tale musically. Despite the line up changes in the band they are continuing to do what they do best and I can not hear any major change in the band’s style and direction.

I give this Album a 4 out of 5. I am not really that big into symphonic metal but I can say they are worth repeated listening especially for fans of the genre. A worthy album to any power and symphonic metal collection.



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