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Ultio (everything)


1. Beasts
2. Ablaze
3. Beyond the Fog
4. The Right Weapon



Intense and fierce could definitely sum up this debut EP all created by one man mastermind Ultio. Every bit of this album is self made, recorded and mastered. Released in 2018 under Brucia Records and available digitally and on CD. Every song delivers from start to finish a steady onslaught of brutal, cold black metal that would surprise you if you knew it came out of Italy. This EP is relentless and each song is full of blast beats, shrieking growls and dark melodic guitar riffs. It is heavy, brutal and fast paced. The entire project was written and recorded in 4 weeks.

Of course it goes without saying this album is created by a very knowledgeable and skillful individual in the underground scene but it is not offering anything too ground breaking. I do give major props to the artist for doing the entire project himself and the improvisational way he went about it. It sounds very professional and it is well mixed. All the pieces fit together. The drums, guitar riffs, and vocals do not overpower each other. The only thing is there is not a whole lot of variation between tracks. Each song is basically start to finish a barrage of fast paced black metal so it begins to almost just feel like one long song.

The blast beats are nearly nonstop and relentless. The second song Abalze is a little bit monotonous. It has very little variation in tempo and tone until about two thirds way into the song, where it finally offers something melodic and different. This makes the song being 5:48 mins in length drag on and feel longer. It doesn’t have much an ending just fades off. Beyond the Fog offers a little more melodic riffing and variations in tone, texture and tempo. The singing throughout every song is the same style of raspy growling. No clean vocals or any major differences except in Beyond the Fog towards the end of the song. It’s well done but a little repetitive for the most part. The last song starts soft briefly with a melodic riff but then a wall of sound assaults you in an instant. I was expecting a gradual crescendo and the intro was quite jarring.

Overall it is a solid EP. Ultio knows his stuff and created a well polished selection of songs. He created very traditional straight forward black metal songs. If he could get these completed in 4 weeks I will be very curious to see what he can do with more time. So I will give this album a generous 4 out of 5. It can be a little monotonous and it does not offer anything very new but if you really enjoy underground black metal then you may be able to truly appreciate and enjoy what Ultio crafted himself. He has passion and it shows.