Front Line Assembly – Wake Up The Coma

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Metropolis Records
Released: 2019
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Band Website: Front Line Assembly

Band lineup:

Bill Leeb – Vocals, Keyboards, Production
Rhys Fulber – Keyb0ards, Programming, Production, Mixing

  1. Eye On You ft Robert Görl
  2. Arbeit
  3. Amadeus ft Jimmy Urine
  4. Tilt
  5. Hatevol
  6. Proximity
  7. Living a Lie
  8. Wake up the Coma ft Nick Holmes
  9. Mesmerized
  10. Negative Territory
  11. Structures
  12. Spitting Wind ft Chris Connelly

Front Line Assembly (FLA), are back with another full length release in ‘Wake Up The Coma’, 12 more tracks to the legendary industrial and EBM outfit’s already extensive repetoire. Though this is the first album to not feature the late Jeremy Inkel since 2004’s ‘Civilization’, the band have pushed on and persevered to bring out their 17th studio release (not including the two soundtracks for the Airmech games series). This album brings in some big names and somewhat surprising contributors such as Jimmy Urine, Robert Görl, Chris Connelly and Nick Holmes, the latter-most who makes his way onto the title track on the album.

33 years is a long time to still be in the electro-industrial game and Front Line Assembly are proving that they definitely still have it. The opener is one hell of a way to get things started with the superb heavy pulsating bass of ‘Eye On You’ initiating the listener into some of the darkest electronic groove out there. It’s all pretty consistent with most tracks maintaining a low to mid-tempo throughout but there’s plenty of powerful rhythm sections that drive the songs forward and keep things interesting.

The lyrics and themes can be a bit nauseatingly comedic such as the line “fuck an alien and you’ll be free” in the track ‘Living A Lie’. The track ‘Amadeus ft Jimmy Urine’ which covers Falco’s infamous ‘Rock You Amadeus’ gives the track the industrial makeover that no one ever asked for but most definitely needed in their lives; bringing back memories of ‘Dr Zeus’ from the Simpsons. Marvellous. It’s better to view some of the subject matter with a tongue firmly placed in cheek so as to not blunt the effectiveness of the music on offer which, as a whole, is pretty damn good.

Another success story for Front Line Assembly, ‘Wake Up The Coma’ stands strongly in the band’s extensive discography. There’s still plenty of freshness in their music and they haven’t let the loss of an integral band member hold them back from bringing further success to the table. 33 years and going strong, let’s see we what’s next in store for these Canadian stalwarts of the electro-industrial/EBM scene.

Review By Pete Mutant