Ginkgo Dawn Shock – Inward Flare

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label [URL] This is Core
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Giordano Bufi – Guitar and Ambients
Alessandro Ciccolella – Guitar and Vocals
Gabriele Terlizzi – Bass
Gilberto Bufi – Drums


1. Sadgasm
2. Klys
3. Mankerat
4. Kyrie
5. Yedinyy
6. Glacier
7. Solar
8. Allistee
9. Ljos
10. No Summer in Ohio


Progressive and Post Rock are two genres that comingle well in the ever-blending oeuvre of the Rock genre – take all the right lo-fi buzzes, complex time signatures and challenging structures of strings, keys, drums and other instruments to blend into something out-of-this-world, be it ambient or aggressive.

Though whilst I enjoy both these genres, there are lots of albums out there that prove so technical, so over-the-top and outside-the-box that you get lost easily and wonder if you’re listening to music or an audible existential exploit.

‘Inward Flare’ by Ginkgo Dawn Shock seemed like one of those albums when I first put it on, but as the tracks flew by, I noticed the good and bad elements of this concoction. Firstly, it’s not a terrible album, but with the long tracks and constantly changing tempos I was reminded a lot of the bad Prog Rock that gave way to the Punk explosion in the 70s – were these Italians trying to outdo themselves or simply showcase their versatility?

I was confused multiple times over what these guys were trying to say with their release, but I soon gave way to let the album flow on its own into nothingness, and I have to say, that was the best thing to do. Overall, by the time it was over I felt I’d stumbled on a band who were made for musicians.

In a similar way to how big names like Rush are predominantly appreciated by other musicians, I think Ginkgo Dawn Shock are heading for that sort of market, and if that was their aim, I can see they made a damn good job of it.

If you love your music complex and want to hear some well-executed changes in tempo, timing and direction on nearly every track, then this band is for you. They are worth recommending if you’re boosting your taste in music if you are an up and coming musician and want to know just how amazing human beings have mastered the art of Rock Music over the last 50 years.

Review by Demitri Levantis