Imprecation – Damnatio Ad Bestias

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Dark Descent Records
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Ruben Elizondo – Drums/Keyboards
Milton Luna – Guitars
Dave Herrera – Vocals
Jeff Tandy – Bass
Dustin James – Guitars
Earl Long – Guitars


1. Temple Of The Foul Spirit
2. Morbid Crucifixion
3. Baptized in Satan’s Blood
4. Beasts of the Infernal Void
5. Damnatio Ad Bestias
6. Dagger, Thurible, Altar of Death
7. The Shepherd and the Flock
8. Ageless of None


“Evil. Dangerous. Crushing.”

These are the words Imprecation use to describe their music.

They go on to say their newest recording is simply Death Metal as it was intended, performed in the band’s own way since 1991. The Texans shun what they refer to as the “trendy” tags that have been applied to their music. They don’t like to be labelled “old school.” Instead, they just want to be recognised for playing brutal and powerful heavy metal with no consideration of whether it fits any particular fashion or scene.

Expectations are further established by the release’s demonic cover art and grim title: Damnotio Ad Bestias. This translates from Latin as, Condemnation To The Beasts – a form of gruesome, capital punishment where doomed individuals are maimed to death, in public, by animals. The band boast that their bludgeoning guitars, battering drums, and haunting keys will create an experience that will terrify the unbelievers and convert the uninitiated.

True to their word, what we have here is a collection of eight savage songs that take us on an aural descent into the deepest pits of a malevolent underworld.

This album just oozes Satan.

Each composition is built on a murky barrage of disgusting riffs and thick, thunderous drumming. The tempos are predominantly steady and powerful with occasional lurches into clattering death metal; over the top of this Dave Herrera roars his guttural allegiance to the darkness via spite-filled passages of growling vocals.

It’s a satisfyingly gruesome listen with a production sound that retains all of the filth of (dare I say it?) the old school. Guitars chunder and scream with a pull of the tremolo. Solos are brief but effective; the emphasis being placed on riffs that will snap your neck. This is heavy.

The whole album is essentially eight variations on something vicious and gloomy. There are no real stand out tracks, instead Imprecation just suspend you over a fiery pit for 40 mins while they rattle out slabs of blackend, heavy death.

Resisting the urge to head-bang is futile.

Enjoy it or suffer your fate.

Review By Beandog