Murmur – The Boundless Black

Rating: 3.5/5
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Released: 2019
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Band Lineup:

Peter Morcey – All Instruments and Vocals
Ryan Patrick White – All Instruments and Vocals


1. Beneath the Silence
2. Last Parade
3. Funeral of the Hunt
4. Long Before the Light
5. Murmur
6. Serving Shadows
7. Good Mourning
8. The Fall of Summer
9. The Curse
10. To the Reeds
11. The River


Acoustic Rock and Folk Music are genres you might not always consider ‘Alternative’ but if you delve deep into the histories and evolution of a lot of genres like Alt Rock and even Industrial, you will find plenty of people going back to their roots to give a whole new name and meaning to some of the oldest kinds of contemporary music.

One band who’ve lit the flame of curiosity for me when it comes to the Neofolk genre is Murmur, two men from Connecticut have released their debut album ‘The Boundless Black,’ personifying the beautiful nature and open wildernesses of their homeland to express some of their deepest desires, emotions and inhibitions.

By how this album opens slowly with some melancholia and gets more upbeat and ends on a note that will have your nerves relaxed and buzzing in the right manner, it’s almost like the four seasons put to music.

Imagine if Death in June had teamed up with the likes of Tom Waits or King Dude and Captain Beefheart to make one of the gentlest yet emotional albums using plenty of nature to explain the ups and downs of the human heart.

It’s mostly guitar driven with little to no percussion and the odd use of electronics in the background, so give it a spin if you like things simple yet eye-opening.

I was reminded a lot of my younger years spent listening to my father’s Neil Young albums with Murmur’s record playing so if you love classic Folk Rock or something a little darker, you’ll find solace in ‘The Boundless Black.’ Impressive and full of replay value – excellent job.

Review by Demitri Levantis