Okkultist – Reinventing Evil

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Alma Mater Records
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Beatriz Mariano – Vocals
Leander Sandmeier – Guitar (solo)
Moisés Filho – Guitar (rhythm)
Antim Batchev – Bass
Ivo Salgado – Drums


1. Reinventing Evil
2. Back From The Dead
3. Sniff The Blood
4. Sign Of The Reaper
5. I Am The Beast
6. Grave Digger
7. Plasmodium Nocturnus
8. Rise And Reign
9. Satan My Master (CD Bonus Track/Bathory Cover


Hailing from Portugal, Okkultist are the very first signing to Moonspell vocalist, Fernando Ribeiro’s, Alma Mater Records.

Fernando recently expressed his pleasure at having the young band on his label, saying: “After listening to the rough mixes of what will become Reinventing Evil, I am more certain than ever that it was a very good move for Alma Mater Records to sign Okkultist. They are the kind of band the Portuguese scene needs: talented, young, focused and just fucking brutal.

Portuguese Death Metal has never sounded so exciting in my ears so we can’t wait to release this beast upon you and help you to reinvent evil together with this amazing Portuguese talent.”

Keeping everything inside the circle, Fernado drafted in Moonspell’s producer, Pedro Paixão to oversee the recording. The sessions were then handed over to Tue Madsen for mixing. A Danish engineer who has also worked with Dark Tranquility, Meshuggah and The Haunted.

Bearing the production team in mind, it comes as no surprise to find this record sounding crisp and crunchy. The band are punching out their blackened thrash with confidence and clarity. Over the tightly executed, razor sharp riffs, vocalist Beatriz Mariano snarls out her verses with appealing venom and leads her bandmates through the album with an undeniable conviction. It’s easy to see why Fernando Riberiro is feeling excited at the prospect of  unleashing this release.

Sign Of The Ripper is a midway highlight that breaks the barrage of chugging guitars and double bass drumming with a tugging riff that gives way to some solid thrash and staccato guitars.

The anthemic, Back From The Dead will no doubt be a live highlight and features an impressively melodic guitar solo that adds some colour to what has so far been an intensive aural hammering.

Indeed Reinventing Evil‘s relentless delivery will ensure its appeal to anyone who enjoys volume and headbanging. Songs like Grave Digger are really what being a metal head is all about. Loud – with a lurching halftime riff that is made for raising the horns to.

If any criticism can be levelled at this release, it would be fair to acknowledge that it’s not breaking any new ground. There is nothing original on Reinventing Evil and despite its strident delivery, I couldn’t really describe it as a unique release.

So, why is it worth your time? Well, it’s essentially a solid heavy metal album that celebrates everything us metalheads love. The songs are played with enthusiasm and some superb musicianship. There is a reassuring zeal to Okkultist’s approach that grows more appealling with each listen. Also of note, the band have included a raging cover of Bathory’s, Satan My Master as a bonus track.

It’s a nice touch from a young band who are making a nod to the past while proving the future of metal is in safe hands.

Horns up.

Review By Beandog