The Nun

Released: September 2018
Director: Corin Hardy
Distributor: Warner Bros Pictures
Cast: Demián Bichir/Taissa Farmiga/Jonas Bloquet
Music By Abel Korzeniowski
Genre: Horror
Rating: PG/13
Film Rating: 2/5

After a long wait for this sequel and a deep love for horror, this was on the top ten list for me to watch but after a disappointing hour and thirty-six minutes I was left bored and wanting my time back. The advert trailers were miles better than the actual film, which had hardly any jumps.

With a predicting story and lack of explanation as to why there was an actual hell hole was placed in the floor of the nunnery to begin with? In my beliefs and learning nuns are God’s voice on earth, why would a demon choose to take on such a challenge?

The film was dark and had a good soundtrack which set the mood, but it soon became boring with too much of the film focusing on the nunnery and with predictable scares till the end! Maybe if they made the film more towards an 18 rating, they could’ve done a lot more with it, but instead, I was left yawning. If you want to watch a good jumpy and creepy film stick with the conjuring, this has a lot more characters choice, spooks and jumps.

I spent the whole time waiting to see and hear about the scary nun, which has been terrorising people for years before but there was only a tiny segment on the back story and no in-depth details and considering it was a film devoted to the demon you would expect there to be a better indication. I would’ve been happy to have waited longer for this film if it had meant it wasn’t rushed and done properly and could’ve been made into a better movie with a better story and ending.

With a budget of twenty two million, I expected a lot more and wanted to watch something creepy and more scenes that made me scream, jump and throw my popcorn in the air, but instead, I was sat with the lights off, yawning and looking on Facebook instead. I am sad to only give this film 2 out of 5, especially with how excited I was to see it after seeing the creepy trailers. I wouldn’t really recommend this movie as I thought it was a waste of time.